See What See: The Esplanade Through Instagrams

Welcome to “See What See”, the laziest series on DANamic.ORG. Travel around Singapore and do your touristy sightseeing – all through your screen! The best way to discover Singapore is through a local’s eyes, so take a peek from wherever you are – through the magic that is Instagram embeds. Here’s the best part: it’s all free!

“We believe in making the arts accessible for everyone. As a not-for-profit arts centre, we are driven by our mission to entertain, engage, educate and inspire through the arts. Our social motivations guide our programmes so that there is always something for everyone to enjoy.”

The Esplanade, or 榴莲头/”durian heads”, has sat comfortably at Marina Bay for the past thirteen years. Completed in 2002, Singapore’s centre for the arts has seen more than 28,000 shows and 20 million guests come through its halls. With one of the busiest performance schedules among the world’s concert halls, the Esplanade is still keeping in line with making the arts accessible, with free events happening almost every day.

If we’ve piqued your interest so far (was it the mention of “free”?), take a virtual tour around the Esplanade through these curated picks from Instagram.

A photo posted by @ich2345 on

#durian #theatre #night

A photo posted by Fuz (@fuzkaka) on

Something I snapped on Saturday during #RYMCampPLUS.

A photo posted by Jovi Ho (@hovsjovs) on

Kids rehearsing. I miss performing on stage after watching them. #singapore #esplanade #alonetime A photo posted by Reigne Villa (@ringskipot) on

12/12/15: 響屋 Hibikiya ? free perf still available on sun at 7.30pm & 8.45pm

A photo posted by Pei JiN 荟晶 (@hueeiin) on

That moment of peace before the final performance of the year.

A photo posted by Blah (@bhart_au) on

A night to celebrate #Mexico ?? and #Singapore ?? 40 anniversary of relationships @yeipipiano A photo posted by Pedro Aguirre (@pedroadrian) on

I can finally come here in peace without worrying about missed calls from the army. #ORDLOH

A photo posted by Jovi Ho (@hovsjovs) on

Finale! #bhso #christmas #esplanade #braddellheights #orchestra #singapore #singapura #concert A photo posted by Andi Susanto (@andisu84) on

Esplanade concert hall, Christmas concert by Braddel Heights Symphony Orchestra. Well done Sis! A photo posted by Bryan (@bryanfooooo) on

Here just for @broadwaybeng. #DACrazyChristmas #MySundayIsBetterThanYoursFinally A photo posted by Melissa Chua (@melpig) on

Kings and queen comedy Asia 6

A photo posted by Leslie Ong (@leslieocw) on

A photo posted by @angisbunny on

Find out more about what’s on at the Esplanade through their official website here.


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