Are You An Instagram Husband?

We all love Instagram (we even wrote about it at length) but are we loving Instagram a little too much?

In a #hilarious video, American talk show The Mystery Hour sheds light (no flash, please) on life behind the iPhone. More specifically, the plight of the husbands behind the camera (and you thought those bloggers’ boyfriends have it all good).

Some are totally into it (eye-twitching notwithstanding).


But most are not.


“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me… and a brick wall.”


“We used to eat our food, now we just take pictures of it.”


In mock social enterprise/Kickstarter fashion, the video calls for Instagram Husbands to seek help through “”, where “millions of men just like you have found hope”.


We’ve tried the link and there’s nothing there, though we imagine it to be a strict no photography area where the only filters are those used in coffee makers. Drip brew, anyone?

Watch the video here and let us know in the comments below if you (or your human selfie stick significant other) is an Instagram Husband! Commenting without liking? Tsk tsk.


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