Caracal: Chaos is their Art Form

We all know that post-hardcore bands are loud. “Loud”, in this sense, translates to colossal riffs and intense rhythms, complimented by lyrics that give us an idea of the band’s musical style.

Singapore’s very own post-hardcore band Caracal have been loud with their music since 2007, but what makes them stand out is how they made sure to incorporate a sense of their identity to their songs. To Caracal, it’s not just about sounding different, unique, or simply loud. It’s about how each band member stays true to the self with raw notes and lyrics, notably observed in their latest album “Welcome the Ironists”.


If you’ve been to their shows or chanced upon them during the Baybeats Festival this year, you’ll be impressed by the sense of loyalty displayed by their ever-growing fan base. Fierce moshing, chanting, and belting out lyrics are just some of the tell-tale signs that Caracal are indeed making a presence loudly.

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Check out our latest interview with vocalist KC Meals, guitarists Field Teo and Gabriel De Souza, and bassist Jude Lee. Keep a lookout for them during the upcoming Skechers Sundown Festival happening on 21 and 22 November!

1) How do you guys feel about performing at the Skechers Sundown Festival?

We love playing festivals! Super excited and honoured to be headlining Skechers Sundown Festival!

2) What can we look forward to from Caracal at the upcoming Sundown Festival?



3) You’ve played in several other festivals as well, like the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, as well as Baybeats in Singapore! Is there a particular favourite festival?

Summer Sonic Festival is definitely in the books! We had a blast playing a show there and being able to watch FACT and MEW (both Japanese bands). But our favourite has got to be (the) shows at home – Baybeats in Singapore is where we always feel the most love.

4) Which countries or festivals will you guys love to play at, but haven’t got the chance to do so?

SKECHERS SUNDOWN FESTIVAL, OF COURSE! We also want to be part of Laneway, Singapore Food Festival, Java Rockin’Land, Fuji Rock Festival, Bazooka Rocks, Leeds, Reading etc.


5) The latest album “Welcome the Ironists” was released in December 2014. Who or what were your greatest inspirations while creating this album?

The title somewhat represents us at this point in our lives. So the chorus of the song goes like “I hate that I love this chaos” referring to our love/hate feeling from being in this band. And the concluding line of “Just like dust we’ll rise with certainty of tides” reminds us to live our lives because we’re all going to die. I guess this whole album is pretty much us ranting in form of song. It’s about personal experiences, broken relationships and trying to be a better person and human.


6) Are there any particular tracks that were more challenging to write/sing/produce?

We initially wanted to release a 5-song EP. But we were going to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. So we thought… Why not finish writing another 5 demos that we had lying around and get a whole album mastered in Toronto? So the huge challenge was to complete 5 demos in a month!


7) If you guys only get to perform one song from your discography, what song would it be and why?

Probably… “Entrepreneur“. Because it’s just fun to play it live, or maybe because we’ve made a different rendition of it live so it’s different from the CD.

8) Any new music we can expect anytime soon?

We’re trying to get some stuff out in June next year, fingers crossed!


9) Have you ever had any particular amusing/weird fan experience?

In 2011, this girl (named) Kayleigh drove 2.5 hours from Hamilton to Toronto to watch us! In our opinion she’s crazy, but in the best way.


10) Are there any differences between local fans from Singapore or overseas fans?

Overseas fans are really vocal and aren’t shy to say hello and take a picture! Locals are a tad bit shy. But we always try to engage and get to know them.

11) Lastly, if you had to talk about your music to someone who has not heard of your band, how will you market/talk about your music to them?

Hello, we play noisy rock! Check out our new album with this super adorable ostrich.

Find Caracal online: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp

All images taken from Caracal’s Facebook page.

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