Charlie Lim’s Debut MV Takes on a Whole New Level, Literally

If we could name one local artist that is truly dedicated with their musical works, Charlie Lim pops up on our minds. The justification? We were lucky enough to catch an early screening of his highly anticipated music video for “I Only Tell the Truth” during his sold-out intimate show at Sing Jazz Club.

Prior to the screening, Charlie revealed that he and his crew rented a full size airplane for the grueling 4 day shoot. That tease alone was enough to make our jaws drop and had us anxious to catch a glimpse of his new video while he continued to captivate us with his hit singles like “Blah Blah Blues” and “There is no Love”. The highlight of his set was his mellifluous mash-up with “Choices”, as well as Drake’s new iconic song: “Hotline Bling”.

He also graciously invited a few of his music friends like Inch Chua to grace the stage with him. Saving the best for last, he played his video to the audience for the first time.


We can’t reveal too much of “I Only Tell the Truth” just yet, but the whole of the video was entirely shot in Melbourne, Australia. It involves a legitimate airplane (as mentioned), a very drenched Charlie stranded on a beach in the middle of the night, very picturesque sunsets, and a unique storyline overall. Who says music videos can’t be art in their own right?

Adding on to the video’s quality was the impeccable cinematography directed by Felipe Soares. For a moment, we thought we were watching “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift (who happened to be performing in Singapore at the same time). But seriously, there were really insane drone shots and apt use of lighting, giving the video the spark to capture and retain our attentions.


Charlie Lim’s “I Only Tell the Truth” music video will officially debut on YouTube on Monday, 9 November 2015. In the meantime, feel free to jam to his latest double EP “Time/Space” through iTunes or Spotify!

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