Song Of The Week #6 – Miley Cyrus

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About 2 months back, wildchild Miley Cyrus announced her free new album at the end of a very eyebrow-raising closing of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Miley performed “Dooo It!“, the first song from her album “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz“. Although I dig Miley’s flamboyant musical style, I have to admit that I do miss the raw and honest vocals heard on her previous tracks.

Luckily for us, the former Disney star has released a new track from the movie “Freeheld“. The single, titled “Hands Of Love“, brings back memories of Miley’s old tracks like “When I Look At You” and “We Can’t Stop“.

Hands Of Love is the theme track for Freeheld, a film based on Laurel Hester, a gay police officer based in New Jersey. It tells the story of her and her domestic partner’s lives as Hester gets diagnosed with lung cancer.

The theme definitely hits home for Miley, who identifies as pansexual and is gender fluid. She founded the non-profit organisation, “The Happy Hippie“, which aims to eradicate injustice towards homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable people.

“Hands Of Love” is a powerful song that sends a powerful message. The song showcases Miley’s feathery vocals beautifully and is a poignant way of spreading her message of love and expressing the struggles of the LGBTQ community.

If you’re looking for something funky to dance to (while throwing confetti & glitter in the air), you can listen to “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” in full here.


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