Muse Is Back… With Supermassive Black Balls

If you were there that night, you would agree that there was an air of expectancy for a rocking good time at Muse‘s concert. Performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last Saturday, the English rock trio played hit after hit from their impressive 20-year run as Grammy-award-winning rockers.

Known for their energetic live performances, Muse certainly did not disappoint. Starting off their setlist with “Psycho“, the new song definitely psyched everyone up!

Reapers Edited

Reapers” reminds us why lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy is just… beyond awesome. Playing his riffs so effortlessly, we were left speechless at his insane guitar skills.

When the intro to “Resistance” played, the crowd cheered for longer than absolutely necessary and you could feel everyone just buzzing with excitement. The mosh pit sang along to the keyboard intro the loudest and – in the way concerts unite fans – it was like OUR ANTHEM. Personally, listening to “Resistance” being played live meant a lot to me because it was the very first song of theirs that I listened to. Pretty sure all you sentimental fans feel the same way as you reminisce how you first got introduced to the legend that is Muse.

Can't Remember which song Edited

Now if you’re a hardcore Muse fan, you would’ve definitely recognised “Citizen Erased” and “Plug in Baby“, both hits from one of their earliest albums, “Origin of Symmetry“. Christopher Wolstenholme (bass guitar) and Dominic Howard (drums) took over the stage for “Munich Jam” and absolutely killed it.

Madness Edited

The awesome crowd throwing their arms in their air and swaying from left to right to “Madness“.

Supermassive Black Hole” was probably one of the most familiar tunes for most of the fans at the concert, partially because it was a frequently-played jingle on our local television channel, Kids Central, back in the day. 90’s kids you feelin’ me?

Time Is Running Out Edited

At this point, when they played “Time is Running Out“, time was really running out.

Everyone — and I mean everyone, started to clap to the beat at “Starlight“. To top that, the crowd just sang to the lines “Our hopes and expectations… Black holes and revelations…” like it was the story of our lives.

Uprising Edited

Uprising was the last song on the setlist and the crowd went berserk especially when supermassive black balls started to bounce into the stadium and right above the mosh pit. (Apparently the cue for an encore is to burst every supermassive black ball so take note, Hong Kong. And by “black ball” I mean a literal black ball, not the Taiwanese dessert.)

And how can we end the concert without hits like “Mercy and “Knights of Cydonia“? “Mercy” was like their way of saying “waddup bitches I’m back with another album everyone bow down to it right now.” By this point we were literally singing to Muse, asking if they could show us some “mercy” by please playing one more song. That’s when they started to blow our minds, ending the concert with our mouths agape by playing their 2006 hit “Knights of Cydonia“.

Finale Edited

They might have done some really wild and crazy effects compared to other live concerts but Saturday night was still absolutely amazing because Muse is Muse! They’re a rock band of musicians – not entertainers – and everyone probably agrees that they don’t need any fluff to pull of a great concert, ‘cause hell, they totally brought the house down that night.

To end off, this is what I can say about Muse: their songs are so good they are just timeless. Muse is so flipping amazing that I swear by my mother’s eyebrow, their live performances are just as excellent as their studio recordings.

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