Tech Brief: Einstein Proven Right, Instagram Does Right, and Wi-Fi In Lightbulbs

Welcome to Tech Brief, your weekly wrap-up on all that’s happened in the tech and startup industries this week!  It’s been an exciting week for geeks the Tech world, with a breakthrough in the search for gravitational waves, a major Instagram update (the one everyone’s been waiting for), and a new form of Wi-Fi that works through… the lightbulb in your home. Gravity Is Real, You Guys… Okay so it’s not that simple. The headline that Tech Insider used was more along the lines of “Scientists just detected gravitational waves for the first time ever”. 100 years after Einstein predicted their existence,…

Fort Meow Purrs Into Your Game Library

Welcome to the Gaming Vertical where I have no absolute clue what I’m doing here… No, seriously, last thing I remembered before I became a Gaming writer was getting a drink from the bar. Did someone put something in my- Anyway, according to instructions left here in this dank basement furnished with a pretty beefed up computer (the room has no windows or ventilation so I’m assuming this is a basement), I’m supposed to be talking to you about video games. Narrative spiel aside, I’ll be happy to talk about video games so let’s start off with something casual to…