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The “Four or Five Moments” That Saved Deadpool 2

“Four or five moments, that’s all it takes,” Colossus declares towards the end of Deadpool (2016). He goes on to dictate, in his booming and richly accented voice, how it is just a few instances in life that make or break a hero. The choices made at those points are what will define someone; everything that happened before or after is irrelevant. As a film, Deadpool 2 has its share of those moments – four or five of them, in fact. These moments sure made their landings in triumphant superhero fashion, and in doing so, saved the day – just…

The Pop-piest Christmas Playlist Ever

We’ve put together a Spotify playlist for your Christmas party/last-minute Christmas shopping/Boxing Day hangover. Do we really need to explain this any further? “The Pop-piest Christmas Playlist Ever” is divided into three acts; starting with the Divas, featuring the likes of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, and Kelly Clarkson, before moving on to the Geeks, namely Pentatonix, Tori Kelly, Taylor Swift, Straight No Chaser, and Glee, and ending with the Classics, icons such as Tony Bennett, Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, and icons-in-the-making Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga! 25 tracks for 25th December. Merry Christmas!