Feast Without Fuss: Delicious Deals Under S$5 at Geylang Serai Bazaar!

My dear reader, it’s Geylang Serai Bazaar time again! And as always, there are so many things to talk about. But for today, the subject will be the food that the bazaar has to offer! If you’ve been online for the past two weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard of all the flak that the bazaar has received – especially around the subject of overpriced food that is wildly average. But do you really have to break the bank for decent food at the Geylang Serai Bazaar? Let’s find out!

We braved the heat and went down to the bazaar to check out any and every food item we could get for below S$5, and in the spirit of being honest, it was quite a struggle. Nonetheless, we pushed through and came out victorious with eight food items that fit into our budget. We’ll walk you through them one by one – and let you in on whether they’re worth a shot or not!

The Original Vadai 

The Original Vadai should not be a new name to you. With outlets scattered all around Singapore and as frequent attendees at Pasar Malams or Bazaars like this, everyone knows about them. I love Vadai as much as the next person, and The Original Vadai is one of the best.

After discovering they sell cheap and affordable foods at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, they’re even higher up on my favourites! With foods starting from as low as S$1.30, you know they got your back. I opted to play it safe and get the Prawn Vadai for a whopping total of S$1.30, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. 

Given the price point, the dough was beautifully golden and crunchy, and the prawn size was bigger than I had expected. The chilli they gave us was fresh, crunchy, and packed with a punch! Overall, The Original Vadai is not a stall you should skip when you make your way down to the bazaar. Just head towards the stall with the big yellow lights, and you’re there!

Wadeh Bazaar

From one Vadai stall to another, next up on the list of affordable foods at the bazaar is none other than: Wadeh Bazaar! When I chanced upon this hidden gem, I had to do a doubletake to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me – because everything was only S$1! Yes, you definitely read that right.

Wadeh Bazaar camouflaged so well in the sea of stalls that I almost missed it, but thanks to some higher being, I looked up just in time to catch a glimpse of the stall. Of course, I had to try it out, and it was amazing. The Prawn Vadai was fried to perfection and just oily enough that the flavours coated my mouth while not being too overpowering. 

Given that this is a family-run business, it doesn’t have the same type of range that you might find at a stall like The Original Vadai, but I still wholeheartedly endorse Wadeh Bazaar! Food aside, the stall owners are incredibly radiant: always willing to walk you through what foods they offer and their recommendations! You absolutely have to show this stall some love!

Kakak Dim Sum

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Next up on our list is Kakak Dim Sum! Now, this is the kind of stall you would visit if you were feeling a tiny bit peckish. And looking at the range they have, it does the trick.

We were swayed to try their Deep-fried Mantou. For just S$3, you get three pieces of Mantou—with the choice of having them drizzled with Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce or condensed milk. I had to choose the one with the condensed milk; it just sounded so good. The Mantous were crunchy on the outside and nice and hot on the inside, which paired nicely with the condensed milk.

The only downside was that there wasn’t enough condensed milk to last the three mantous. Nonetheless, I would only source out this stall if I had an oddly specific craving that day.

Thai Dessert House 

Feast Without Fuss: Delicious Deals Under S$5 at Geylang Serai Bazaar!: Thai Dessert House
Six fried bananas for only S$4? Talk about a steal!

Every Bazaar has its fair share of Thai-related food stalls, and this time, we have Thai Dessert House – the name pretty much tells you all there is to know about this stall. At Thai Dessert House, you can get six fried bananas for just S$4! I know, I was shocked, too!

The fried bananas were basically the same as the goreng pisangs you find in shops under your HDB blocks or those little shops parked at MRT stations. The outer layer was extra crunchy and protected the steamy banana goodness hidden aside. 

And the fact that we were given six of these makes this an incredible value for money buy! When I say run, I mean sprint to the Thai Dessert House now!

Satay Kak Pah

Stumbling upon this was like accidentally finding a treasure chest. Satay Kak Pah’s menu mostly consisted of foods under S$5, which was extra surprising because, so far, we’ve covered finger foods. Satay Kak Pah sold food that would fill you—the closest thing to a full meal you can get at an event like this!

We got the Chicken Tikka and the Sausage Bun; spoiler: it was worth it. One stick of chicken tikka was S$3.50, and each piece of chicken was tender and marinated well, with each bite brimming with flavour. One sausage bun was S$5, exactly. The sausage was salted well, and the grilled sausage had this smoky aftertaste – which exceeded my expectations. 

Overall, I would definitely give Satay Kak Pah a try if I were you. For the amount you pay for the food, Satay Kak Pah is worth it!

The Padangton

Like the others, this stall had good food that didn’t break the bank and was portion-sized like a full meal. If you’re wondering why you’ve heard this name before, you might have chanced upon one of their TikToks.  Of all the food stalls at the bazaar, The Padangton might have one of the most fabulous social media presences. They also have a physical location at Jalan Klapa! So, we had to see if they lived up to the hype!

We decided to try their Chicken and Beef Rendang Padang Tacos—one of each was priced at S$5. Their taco shells weren’t like traditional ones, but they were just as crunchy, and to be honest, they had more structural integrity than a normal one! When I took my first bite, everything stayed together instead of falling apart. Both the chicken and beef pieces were tender, and the rendang sauce went well with both proteins!

All that for only S$5 was, honestly, quite a steal! After a sneak peek of their menu at the bazaar, I would visit their physical outlet to try everything on their menu!


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Now that you know what culinary delights await you at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, why not plan a visit with your friends? Whether you’re craving traditional favourites or eager to discover new flavours, there’s something for everyone! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in delicious treats without breaking the bank. Gather your friends, mark your calendars, and make unforgettable memories at the Geylang Serai Bazaar!

For more information on all the goodness hidden at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, head on over to the official Wisma Geylang Serai Facebook page!

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team.

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