Pizza Hut Ushers In Ramadan with Launch of Chicken Satay Pizza and More!

Ramadan is upon us here in Singapore, and Pizza Hut is celebrating along with the launch of their seasonal Chicken Satay Pizza! 

Pizza Hut Satay Pizza: Chicken Satay Pizza
Satay and Pizza – the perfect combo?

Satay is of course, a staple snack of Singapore and pizza is always a crowd favourite. Now, the two are combined in this mashup from Pizza Hut, containing generous chunks of marinated chicken, fragrant ketupat rice, cucumbers and juicy sliced onions — a great addition for families celebrating Ramadan or Pizza lovers in general!

And there’s more also joining the menu alongside the new Chicken Satay Pizza. Enjoy items like Half Spring Ayam Bakar, Creamy Curry Chicken Pasta, and Chicken Satay Baked Rice which will no doubt fill your stomach heartily. The Sedap! Platter, containing Sweet Chilli Wings, Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets, and Mini Waffle Hashbrowns can also be ordered to accompany your meal should you be feeling extra hungry.

For dessert, tuck into some Gula Melaka Doughnut which is served alongside a hefty dollop of ice cream. If that’s not for you, then perhaps grab a glass of their Rosy Bandung instead for that sweetness. 

These new menu items aren’t just available for dine-in, but for takeaway as well! In addition, you can choose from several bundles for both dine-in and takeaway to get the best bang for your buck. 

Solo dining? Then the Meal for 1 dine-in bundle might be for you, with a choice between the Half Spring Ayam Bakar with Hashbrown, Chicken Satay Baked Rice, or Creamy Curry Chicken Pasta alongside the Soup of the Day and a Rosy Bandung — all for S$18.90.

Meanwhile, big groups can enjoy the Satay Feast Box on delivery, which serves five to six people. You’ll get two Regular-sized pizzas (one Chicken Satay Pizza and another of your choosing) and two sides to go with them, costing S$44.90.

Pizza Hut Satay Pizza: Gula MelakaDoughnut
The Gula Melaka Doughnut is available for takeaway as well!

Pizza Hut’s new menu line is available until 31 May 2022, so be sure to try them before they go! For further savings, you can use the code ‘SATAYSFYING8’ when you check out to save S$8 when you purchase a Regular or Large Chicken Satay Pizza, and it works for both dine-in and takeaway! 

If you want to see more details about the promotion, do check out Pizza Hut’s official site!

Visuals courtesy of Pizza Hut Singapore.

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