Scream and Shout Over New Taiwanese Beverage Store Dont Yell At Me

Maybe your typical day at the office is listening to the broken air-conditioner whir for the sixtieth time this morning. You stir your sub-par pantry coffee, losing count of how many bubbles have dissolved beneath the surface. There are too many emails to reply to. Mother keeps asking you when you’re going to move out. You owe rent to your landlord. Your fridge only has old McDonald’s chilli packets. You have bills to pay. But, most of all, the stress eats at you like a parasite, making you want to scream, “don’t yell at me!”

Ironically, at one of Singapore’s busiest locations, Orchard, lies the solution to all your troubles. Dont Yell At Me is your new getaway from the clutches of everyday life. The minimalistic café is home to a hand-shaken beverage brand conceptualised by Taiwanese variety show personality and entrepreneur, Yako Chan with her other business partners.

Unfiltered and unabashedly peculiar, Dont Yell At Me expresses simplicity through aesthetically pleasing beverages and light bites. Perhaps the title’s lack of apostrophe suggests how Gen Z’s and millennials text each other. On the other hand, the sole use of letters in its title definitely creates consistency, albeit subtle. Like a social utopia, all good things should come in valuable layers which we can peel back and revisit over and over.

Dont Yell At Me: Drink Range
Introducing Dont Yell At Me’s range of drinks

Introducing their low-calorie beverages, every drink uses special Taiwanese flavours such as Jasmine Tea Leaves, Four Seasons Green Tea Leaves and Oolong Tea Leaves. So while you may be afraid of travelling abroad to have your favourite Taiwanese tea, the craving and you may now meet in the middle.

Some highlights from their drinks menu include:

Old Master Formula

Dont Yell At Me: Roselle Honey Chrysanthemum Tea
Roselle Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

These classics include the Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea and Roselle Honey Chrysanthemum Tea. Did you know that the Winter Melon is air-flown from Taiwan?

Both equally thirst-quenching and comforting, these are the perfect drinks to reassure you that you are exactly where you need to be. Through an invigorating blend of sweet and sour tones, these drinks are light and aromatic. 

Au Lait

Dont Yell At Me: Tiramisu The Au Lait
Tiramisu The Au Lait

Thanks to the skill and dedication of the baristas, the Osmanthus Cocoa Au Lait is given a refreshing lift with the help of the milk base, uplifting the taste of the Osmanthus flower. As artisanal au lait makers, the baristas are well-equipped to concoct other decadent au laits like the Tiramisu The Au Lait and Cherry Blossom The Au Lait.

These are not all the drinks found at Dont Yell At Me, but are just some of the star items that warrant the spotlight from the rest. What if you’re not a huge fan of tea? Well, check out their aptly named “Other Refreshments” menu below:

Other Refreshments

Like any other café, Dont Yell At Me offers versatile food and beverage options to satisfy most palettes. In a delightful blend of sweet and savoury flavours, prepare your tastebuds to work overtime with the Sea Salt Dark Fudge Brownie and French Butter Almond Cake.

Spanning over 900 square feet, the 40-seater café concept comes with a clean interior and minimalist décor. It feels as if it came from the pages of an IKEA show book. Prices range from $3.80 to $9.00, with additional toppings for hand-shaken beverages available separately.

Dont Yell At Me: Sweet Potato and Taro Pearls
Customisation options like the Sweet Potato and Taro Pearls can be added to your drink

Where to find them

Dont Yell At Me has officially opened at Orchard Central, and they operate every day from 11.00am to 10.00pm.

They’re also committed to empowering individuals to spread love and kindness, with Dont Yell At Me encouraging individuals to pay it forward over the holidays. With your help, you could pledge an amount to purchase a beverage, which they will deliver hand-shaken to volunteer service organisations and community groups – putting a smile on their faces.

If you would like to follow updates from Dont Yell At Me, check out their social media page on Instagram!

Visuals courtesy of Dont Yell At Me.

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