Canon launches two new iNSPiC models, but could make do with only one

On Monday, 17 June 2019, Canon launched its first instant camera printer – available in two models – for its Mini Photo Printer lineup which includes a fresh logo and a revamped branding for the range. The rebranded iNSPiC line stems from the words ‘inspiring pictures’, precisely encapsulating the intentions of the new additions.

Canon iNSPiC cameras - product launch

The iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] series join the line-up as pocket-sized instant camera printers that combine image capturing capabilities with the instant gratification of compact mini printers. The iNSPiC cameras were carefully designed to be stylish and lightweight – the perfect must-have for parties and gatherings to bring back the joy of instant sharing and living in the present.

Canon iNSPiC [C]

Canon iNSPiC cameras - iNSPiC [C] colours

The iNSPiC [C] series comes in a palette of three pop-colour options – Bubble Gum Pink, Bumble Bee Yellow and Seaside Blue – great for making a bold statement at gatherings with friends and family, or simply just to stand out in the crowd!

Canon iNSPiC cameras - iNSPiC [C] selfie mirror

A built-in 5-megapixel camera and a small selfie mirror next to the camera lens allows users to take selfies – and of course wefies – with ease. The one-touch reprint button also ensures no one leaves the party without receiving a printout of that precious moment. But it must be noted that only the last photo taken can be printed, so make it a habit to stop and think before going for your next shot!

Canon iNSPiC cameras - iNSPiC [C] reprint button

The lack of flash or any exposure options on the iNSPiC [C] means that – compared to the iNSPiC [S] – the photos will tend to be more overexposed. Every shot feels like a gamble as users are unable to control the kind of lighting they want.

Canon iNSPiC [S]

Canon iNSPiC cameras - iNSPiC [S] colours

Contrary to the iNSPiC [C], the iNSPiC [S] series comes in three simple yet classy tones – Pearl White, Matte Black and Rose Gold – perfect for slipping into clutch bags or pockets for a day of fun out in the sun, or a relaxing evening with friends. The iNSPiC [S] boasts a powerful 8-megapixel fixed focus camera, so users can shoot and print pictures instantly from a single device, eliminating the hassle that comes with juggling between a separate camera and a printer.

Canon iNSPiC cameras - iNSPiC [S] ring light

The built-in LED ring light that circles the camera lens is an added crowd-pleaser. It activates a powerful fill light for beautiful portrait shots, making it easier to capture moments at night. Coupled with the selfie mirror dome, the iNSPiC [S] is the ideal partner for capturing and printing stunning selfies.

Canon iNSPiC cameras - iNSPiC [S] selfie mirror

Users can also connect the device to smartphones using the Canon Mini Print mobile app to print photos stored on smartphones or photo albums on social networking accounts. On top of its reprint button, the app also receives a useful update to include a virtual shutter button for remote shooting, and with even more stickers for decorating photos before print.

As an added bonus, the iNSPiC [S] also comes with a Micro SD slot that supports card capacities of up to 256GB, so users can choose to save all their treasured moments onto a laptop back at home.

Canon iNSPiC cameras - photos taken with iNSPiC [C] and [S] cameras

The iNSPiC [S] works better than the iNSPiC [C] in terms of exposure, and works well under bright lighting. The flash options also allow users to better control the kind of lighting they want.

Overall, it seems that – physical features aside – the iNSPiC [S] offers everything that the iNSPiC [C] has and more, which makes the release of the iNSPiC [C] rather redundant. The latter exists as a cheaper option, but the upgrades are definitely worth the price difference.

Forking out an extra $60 for the iNSPiC [S] gives you an upgrade from a 5-megapixel to an 8-megapixel camera, as well as wireless connectivity to the mobile app which gives room for more personalization.

Canon iNSPiC cameras - Craftholic premiums with every purchase

The iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] are retailing at $159 and $219 respectively at all authorised Canon dealers. Furthermore, users will be entitled to a special bundle of Craftholic premiums with every purchase of any iNSPiC [C] and [S] cameras; including a limited edition pouch, lanyard and keychain plushie worth $59. Redemptions will be available from Monday, 8 July 2019, at the Canon Customer Care Centre.

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Photos by Goh Jing Wen of the DANAMIC team.

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