Muzen Audio Launches in Singapore: Retro Meets Modern in This New Wave Of Portable Speakers

Muzen Audio (Muzen) is set to make its first foray into Southeast Asia with the launch of its bestselling On The Road (OTR) series of portable speakers with radio functions in Singapore. Featuring the slogan “Hear Singapore – Muzen Audio is Here”, sales of the Muzen OTR commenced at the IT Show 2019 – from 7 to 10 March 2019 – and is currently sold at selected retailers. Muzen aims to release more of its OTR products in Singapore over the course of the year.

Muzen OTR - display

Connecting people through a shared love for music and radio, Muzen brings radio back into vogue with a wide range of radios and portable speakers inspired by the radio sets of the 1960s. Integrated with modern functions such as Bluetooth connectivity, Muzen OTR speakers are meticulously handcrafted, with a fusion of technology and aesthetics.

Muzen OTR - metallic black

The stylish yet compact Muzen OTR comes in metal and wood coatings. Both models have a battery life of 10 hours at half volume, and 4 hours at full blast. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, the speakers are capable of FM radio tuning and are also complete with auxiliary input.

Muzen OTR - metallic
Muzen OTR Metal in Flamingo Pink ($139)

The Muzen OTR Metal weighs 440g and is built using a high-density alloy and coated using Acrylic Stoving Enamel – a type of paint used for automobile finishes in the 1960s. The Muzen OTR Metal is sold in Jet Black, Crimson Red, Flamingo Pink and Mint Green.

Muzen OTR - wood
Muzen OTR Wood ($129)

Meanwhile, the Muzen OTR Wood weighs only 195g and is coated with handcrafted walnut – a light, resonant tone wood used in instruments – which helps to produce a richer sound.

Muzen: Flamingo

Apart from its retro yet slick aesthetics, the Muzen OTR is also much louder than your run-of-the-mill portable speakers. At full blast, the OTR sounds akin to a boombox without compromising its audio clarity. However, it does not pack as much bass, so it might not be ideal for those who seek extra bass in their speakers. Meanwhile, the radio function has a weak signal, and you may require Muzen’s detachable antenna for clarity.

The Muzen OTR speakers sold in Singapore come with a faux-leather padded carrying case with a short hand-carry strap and a longer strap that allows you to sling it across your body. On top of portability, the speakers also come with a sticker set for that extra customizability.

Muzen OTR - other products

Personally, I find it a tad heavy to carry it around wherever I go, but it works great if I want to blast my favourite hits at home. If you are looking for something better to carry around on-the-go, I would suggest waiting it out as Muzen will be rolling out more products in time to come, which include a more compact – and seemingly lightweight – version of the current OTR speakers.

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team

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