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    Grab Introduces the ‘Trip Planner’ and Three Other Services That Are Expected to Roll Out in Batches By 2019

    Grab is one of the most frequently-used apps in Singapore, seeing regular use either for transportation or for the convenience of having meals delivered directly via GrabFood. GrabFood, Grab’s food delivery service, was created in January 2018 and will be fully integrated into the main Grab app by May this year. To serve the needs of Singaporeans better, Grab has announced the introduction of four more new services; trip planner, video streaming, hotel booking and ticket purchasing. Jerald Singh, the Group Head of Product and Design at Grab, illustrated the nature of these new services, explaining that a Grab user…

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  • HaikuJAM: What Really Happens When You Write Poetry With Strangers

    HaikuJAM: What Really Happens When You Write Poetry With Strangers

    In our last Tech Brief we mentioned hot new rising app “HaikuJAM… which allows users to collaborate on haikus from anywhere”. Since that post three weeks ago, we got four writers from The DANamic.ORG Editorial Team to give collaborative poetry a try, and here’s what they discovered. Bradley Yam, Chief Innovator & Arts Writer After playing around on HaikuJAM for a week, my main takeaways are: The Good – The UI is intuitive; any digital native will have no problem learning to navigate the app even if he has no idea what it is about. – Runs pretty quickly, although the…

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  • You’ve Got Mail: Yahoo’s Brand-New Mail App

    You’ve Got Mail: Yahoo’s Brand-New Mail App

    Recently, Yahoo announced their 18th anniversary major update AND their brand-new mail app. We all recall our very first (and very cringe-ily named) Yahoo email address, so what’s new in the app? Smart Search is probably the best addition to a mail app since multiple inbox sorting. Anybody who has an email account signed up with every newsletter under the sun will definitely lament on how quickly a specific email gets lost amidst the masses, regardless of importance. Double the inconvenience if you’re working – your inbox is always topped up with more incoming emails. But not only is the email…

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