Home Brew: Coffee with Local Poet Marc Nair and Champion Barista Hisyam

After Costa Coffee‘s session with Singaporean poet Marc Nair last Saturday, travelling to new places or revising old haunts will never feel the same again. The chill event kicked off with a short video of Marc’s travels to the birthplace of Costa Coffee in London. Through the video, we were “given” the chance to pop by the rich literary scene in and around the city and also the root of the whole operation; that is, the Costa Coffee Roastery. Things picked up when we were introduced to Hisyam, Costa Coffee’s first Singaporean and regional Asian-representative in the International Costa Coffee…

New Year, New You, Same Old CNY

I sauntered into the grocery store, basket in one hand, shopping list in another, ready to embark on my usual therapeutic routine: shopping for my beloved groceries and jamming along to the latest Ariana Grande tune while grooving to those insane falsettos. It was then when the sirens of doom hit me. That ridiculously and blaring noise screaming through those accursed speakers; yes, I have heard them before. They are not the alluring tunes sang by mermaids to lead sailors to their doom. They are those fateful songs that play on loop to torture even the coldest of criminals, to shred…