“The Cat Lady” is Not That Crazy of a Game

Point and Click games have been a part of gaming since the introduction of the point-and-click interface and are pretty good ways to get people into video gaming. For most part, they are simple to pick up, are thoroughly oversaturated when it comes to free games and often have enough puzzles to keep your attention for quite some time; at times even being slightly addictive. Occasionally, Point and Click games come with witty dialogue (Here’s to you, Secret of Monkey Island) or an exciting plot to hold your interest until the end (The Last Door or Sherlock Holmes series are…

“Pay The Ghost” is a Ghost of a Story

We have an instinctive distrust of any film that starts with a jump scare. Partly because it’s a cheap trick – mostly because we don’t enjoy sitting through a whole 94-minute flick with soiled pants. The main weapon of horror still scares this writer, much to his chagrin. The writer confesses he’s an extremely easy person to scare. Horror just isn’t our forte. The fact that the writer’s seat smelt faintly of vomit didn’t help at all to distract from the fear. Luckily, “Pay The Ghost” isn’t all horror. Nor is it much of a movie. Nicholas Cage is Mike…