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  • Jul- 2020 -
    1 July
    LifeCoping during COVID: Pre-school teacher Featured Image

    Coping during COVID: Pre-school teacher adapts to new normal back at work

    When Pre-school Teacher, Cheeryl Tan, returned to work after the circuit breaker, she found that her job was no longer the same as before. Hygiene and social distancing had become the orders of the day; and there were also many new rules and protocols in place.    “We do a lot more sanitization and cleaning of toys, stationery and surfaces. We also have to constantly remind the children to wear their masks and face shields, wash their hands frequently, as well as to not touch their faces, eyes and mouths,” shared Ms Tan, who teaches at the pre-school Little Mighty Me.…

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  • Jun- 2020 -
    26 June
    LifeCoping during Covid: Harith Lim Featured Image

    Coping during COVID: One of Singapore’s top darters, Harith Lim, can’t wait to compete again

    As someone with a fierce competitive streak and love for high-level darts tournaments, it has been a rough couple of months for Harith Lim, one of Singapore’s top darts players. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the cancellation of darts competitions all over the world, the former world youth champion has been relegated to practicing at home without an end goal in sight.  In an exclusive interview with danamic., the 50-year-old shared: “As you know, all the competitions have been cancelled around the world and we cannot compete. This slows down our competitiveness but as sportsmen, we have to continue training…

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  • 10 June
    LifeCoping During Covid: Jacky Ng Featured Image

    Coping during COVID: Local stand-up comedian Jacky Ng turns to online to engage his audiences

    He is used to performing in front of noisy crowds across several bars and clubs at Boat Quay so when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of such entertainment venues across the island, local stand-up comedian Jacky Ng found himself in an unfamiliar position.  “My biggest fear at the start was about staying relevant to the audiences. I was worried that if we were to go through the circuit breaker for too long, people will start to forget about me. And when I resume doing live shows after this pandemic, people might not want to come down to watch anymore,”…

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  • 2 June
    LifeCoping during COVID: Douglas Featured Image

    Coping during COVID: Douglas Ng, Owner of The Fishball Story, adapts like fish to water in times of crisis

    At a time when economies are bleeding and businesses are shutting, eatery owner Mr Douglas Ng has been bucking the trend with the opening of his larger new outlet at 77 Circuit Road in April and is even toying with the idea of expanding further.  Speaking to danamic. over the phone, the 29-year-old said: “I’m actually planning to expand even during this time of the pandemic. I feel that it is a good opportunity as I think the rental might be cheaper and hiring staff will also be easier. Even during times of crisis, people will still have to eat…

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  • May- 2020 -
    29 May
    LifeCoping during COVID: Featured Image

    Coping during COVID: Deployed frontline nurse shares his experiences

    When staff nurse G.Peremkumar first told his mother that he was going to volunteer to fight COVID-19 on the frontlines as part of the team deployed by his hospital to the EXPO Community Isolation Facility (CIF), she burst into tears.  “I was initially hesitant to inform my parents that I was volunteering for the EXPO project. But eventually, I decided to tell them as they are my loved ones and deserved to know,” explained the 28-year-old Malaysian.  “My mum cried over the phone and tried to convince me to withdraw but I refused. She even stopped talking to me for…

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  • 22 May
    LifeCoping with COVID: Singapore Balde Runner Shariff 3

    Coping during COVID: SG Blade Runner Shariff on remaining upbeat

    In this new series, Danamic features people from different walks of life to find out more about how they have been coping since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of Singapore. Para-athlete Shariff Abdullah has overcame 29 full marathons, conquered 5 ultra-marathons and given motivational talks for 12 years but even he was left feeling rather downcast when the circuit breaker measures first kicked in.  Speaking to Danamic over the phone, the 51-year-old confessed: “Even as a motivational speaker myself, we are not perfect. This lockdown situation has affected me as well and at the start I did feel down…

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  • Oct- 2020 -
    24 October
    LifeONE Championship Christian Lee: Cover Image

    Exclusive Interview: ONE Championship’s Christian Lee lets us in on his training secrets during the pandemic, with what to expect next for ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX

    We speak to Lightweight Champ Christian Lee ahead of his upcoming fight in ONE Championship's ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX on 30 October 2020.

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  • 19 October
    Arts“Stay Home Quilt” Exhibition: Cover Image

    Once Upon a Pandemic, Migrant Workers Built a Quilt Home

    Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre and 3Pumpkins joined hands in making "special homes" for migrant workers in their “Stay Home Quilt” art project.

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