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Get “Patriotic” this National Day with Zouk’s We the Citizens Fest

We know that the National Day Celebrations don’t really get you hyped up anymore. So maybe Zouk’s We the Citizens Fest may just be the party you’ve always wanted on August 9. The music festival was originally planned for a beach theme at the brand new Palawan Green but has since been rebranded and moved to Zouk itself. Fortunately, the date and lineup remain unchanged.    If you’re in the mood for hard-hitting club beats and mellow party tunes, the event is sure to deliver. Headliners Mark Ronson and Ta-ku are esteemed beatmakers and are well-known for their impressive DJ sets.…

SCANDAL: Something New, Something Familiar

It might have only been a year since the All-Female Japanese Rock band, SCANDAL, was in Singapore but on their return they’ve brought plenty of new fuel for fans with their new album, YELLOW. Chasing a new direction in their music, SCANDAL delivers with the same vibe but a different tune. Performing at The Hard Rock Hotel’s The Coliseum (A venue we’re growing to enjoy with bigger and bigger names playing there), SCANDAL showed up on stage amidst fans yelling, jumping, pumping their fists and general merriment. Though there was an arduously long queue prior to seeing the girls, their…

The Hearthstone Singapore Major: RNG and Fun

There’s nothing quite like watching high skill players still fall prey to the most insidious of card gaming mechanics: top decking. Though we pitied the Krannich who was knocked out of the Round of 16 with a Wild Pyromancer draw into Equality board clear, we took solace in the fact that no one is safe from the clutches of RNGesus. The Hearthstone Singapore Major took place over 8 to 10 April, starting with a Round Of 256 before it was swiftly chopped down to the Round of 16 then the finals itself of the region’s best players. many who flew to…

Interview with Scarlet Avenue: Achieving Dreams

10 years in the making, Scarlet Avenue has finally attained every musician’s goal: releasing their own album. The local duo’s first album, 2024, will land in March this year (psst, you can however, preorder it now on ITunes), 2 years after their first EP, Happy Heartbreak. With a tour under their belt and perhaps another soon, alongside numerous performances in schools and institutions, what lies ahead for the brothers? Scarlet Avenue answers some of our burning questions in an interview after they serenaded us during their cafe hop. 1. What did Scarlet Avenue do in 2015? Amos: Last year we *laughs*…

3 Mobile Games to Play During CNY Visiting

We’ll be upfront: we don’t particularly enjoy visiting. We understand the need for tradition and appreciate the rationale behind it! Keeping in touch with family that you don’t see often is important, as is well-wishing that you may see everyone the following year. We just wish it wasn’t so awkward…and boring. You know what I mean. So as you inevitably slide your phone out as the snack-induced food coma sets in, here’s 3 mobile games (that are not the finger-cramping Candy Crush or the wallet-draining Clash of Clans) the you could play to pass time. They’re not free mobile games but a…

The Best Anti-Social Things To Do During Chinese New Year

Ah, the Chinese Lunar New Year, a time of family and traditions to celebrate the coming year and the hopeful harvest of abundance. But alas, we can do without the stifling gatherings, the strict codes (no black, really?) and most of all, attempting to converse with cousins, aunts and strangers you’ve only heard gossip about from your parents. So  to give you some entertainment after you collapse into a random armchair and whip out your phone, here’s some of the very best anti-social things to do at any gathering. Just remember to smile at relatives as they walk by, might…

G910 Orion Spark – As Recognisable as the Constellation

Nowadays, everyone plays video games. Whether you admit it proudly and proclaim it to the world or stay silent as you bang away on your keyboard in your computer generated fantasy, we all love a solid game. Now, we’re not throwing shade or dissing on console or mobile games but there is a significant portion of fans that much prefer the PC for their gaming fix. But when it comes to playing on a PC, be it desktop or laptop, PCs offer an interesting problem that most console and mobile players don’t really need to consider: the mode of input.…

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is Nostalgic, Flawed and Amazing

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sadly, there’s no piquant or even satisfactory way to type a scream of joy out but that’ll have to do. 10 years after Revenge of the Sith, we finally have the continuation to the science fiction saga the entire world knows of. As a disclaimer and to be upfront: no movie is perfect, not even The Force Awakens. But we’ll forgive everything because frankly, we still love it. We’ll try our hardest not to spoil anything because this is a movie that should NOT be spoiled (shame on you if you did spoil it for someone). The Force Awakens…

“Legacy of the Void” Lives Up To Starcraft’s Legacy

In a significantly shorter time than most Starcraft games, the final chapter in Starcraft II dropped on November 10 this year, ruining relationships everywhere as guys alternated between “Fallout 4” and “Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void” (LotV). As the last game (for now), LotV had a lot to fix from the previous instalment “Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm” in terms of multi-player and campaign mode. Will it prove a fitting finale or a or a faulty title? Starcraft II is the successor to Blizzard Entertainment’s highly successful Starcraft series. Known for giving teenagers carpal tunnel and even bringing Korea into the…

You’ve Got Mail: Yahoo’s Brand-New Mail App

Recently, Yahoo announced their 18th anniversary major update AND their brand-new mail app. We all recall our very first (and very cringe-ily named) Yahoo email address, so what’s new in the app? Smart Search is probably the best addition to a mail app since multiple inbox sorting. Anybody who has an email account signed up with every newsletter under the sun will definitely lament on how quickly a specific email gets lost amidst the masses, regardless of importance. Double the inconvenience if you’re working – your inbox is always topped up with more incoming emails. But not only is the email…