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Fall In, Recruits: Your Guide to Surviving in Pulau Tekong 2018

The beginning of the end is nigh. Ah, yes. You’ve dreaded this day for at least the past eighteen years and you know your life is about to change forever. You know of everything there is to know – you’ve heard stories from your brother, your father, your uncle, and your father’s friend’s uncle’s son at new year reunions. Your friends have given you detailed accounts that have both bored and horrified you in equal measure. And you’ve done a fair bit of research, looking up forums and surfing the web late at night, all to validate your feelings of…

Edible Beauty: Art, Food, and Charity Come Together For a Truly Palatable Experience

The beauty of nature is inspiring for both artists and chefs alike. In this collaboration, Singaporean botanical artist Lucinda Law creates a series of piquant artworks to bring out the colours, shapes, and forms of edible plants. The paintings are co-curated by Executive Chef Vijayakant Shanmugam of Hilton Singapore, and feature some of Lucinda’s favourite botanical subjects such as pineapples, torch ginger flowers, bananas, and avocados. Dubbed Edible Beauty, the exhibition is a meaningful collaboration between three parties – Lucinda Law, Hilton Singapore’s Verde Kitchen, and non-profit charity organisation Food from the Heart – and will run for two months,…

An Art-venture with Hotel G’s Local Artist Collaboration

Heads up! Hotel G’s latest art installations are enclosed just beneath, or rather, above your noses! When we first visited Hotel G, we were initially unable to find the gallery. After some clueless wandering, we were amazed – and mollified –to find the exhibition right before our eyes the entire time – up on the walls, hidden in plain sight. Perhaps it was the heat of a Saturday afternoon, or the fact that the gallery seemed to fit in with the hotel’s aesthetic so well that caused us to miss it. Either way, it was difficult for us to stop…

Pet Expo 2018: Paws and Claws Galore

Did you know that there are currently over 800,000 pets in Singapore? It’s no wonder that Pet Expo was such a huge success over the years! The largest pet fair in Singapore returned for its fifth edition from 6 to 8 April 2018, promising a fun-filled weekend of pawisitive art and wellness – it certainly delivered. For the uninitiated, Pet Expo started in 2014 as a platform for members of pet communities to congregate, share their experiences, gather insights on pet ownership, and network with other pet owners at the event. Visitors will find the best deals on the latest…

IN FLUX: A Sentimental View of Gender Gaps Through Ceramic, Steel & Personal Memorabilia

Personal and endearing, IN FLUX is an artistic endeavour by New York-based Singaporean artist, Dr Wee Hong Ling. A parallel to her constant position of flux, the collection echoes her experiences of uncertainty as she navigates the physical, metaphysical, and humanistic worlds. The project is done in commemoration of International Women’s Day – where Dr Wee expresses her sentiments of the immense gender gap in the field of ceramic production. Less than 10% of the world’s collected works are from women, and Dr Wee saw this as an opportunity to challenge the stereotype. “Perhaps because I am a product of an…

Logitech MX Sound 2.0: For Home, and House Music

At S$149, the Logitech MX Sound 2.0 will serve as a hefty first upgrade to your default PC speakers. Yes, you definitely need an upgrade once you know how great Logitech’s new MX Sound is. Why, you ask? Don’t you listen to music? What, still using Spotify with ads? Wha… what are you doing? The Logitech MX Sound 2.0 is clearly designed for the good ol’ desktop – you won’t be lugging them around, that’s for sure. They have a depth of 16cm and a diameter of 8.4cm, but don’t let the seemingly unassuming specs fool you – they’re easily…

LASALLE Presents: Encounter Under The Banyan & Head Heap Heat

The centre stage is on two shows in LASALLE’s latest exhibitions, Jason Lim: Encounter under the banyan, and head heap heat. The effort is supported by LASALLE’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), in a bid to cultivate inquiry on contemporary art in Singapore and beyond! Here’s a rundown on what to expect at the exhibitions. Jason Lim: Encounter under the banyan For his debut solo exhibition in a public institution in Singapore, artist Jason Lim will perform a programme of durational works that explore the concepts of risk, change, and the transformation of materials. He examines and explores the behaviours…

Calling All Local Game Developers and Illustrators: Miiny Wants You!

Singapore mobile game developer, Miiny Mobile Gaming Network, announced its first-ever Mobile Game Development and Illustration Talent Competition. They aim to discover and recognise local, talented Game Developers and Illustrators in Singapore through their platform, and are even promising to provide gifted starlets opportunities for collaboration along with a network for the global gaming stage! The competition will be split into two categories – Mobile Game Development, and Character Illustration. Winning Game Developers can expect to bag up to S$5,000 worth of prizes, while winning Illustrators will walk home with up to S$3,000 worth of prizes! Winners from both categories will additionally be invited…

Get To The Hearth: New Ranked Play Updates Coming to Hearthstone This March

The winds of change are upon us! Starting March, expect to see a reworked Ranked Play system in Hearthstone. Although the changes officially take place for the March season, how you play in February will impact how you start in March! Starting in March, all players reset four ranks back. Player ranks will now reset exactly four ranks below your current standing, including the number of stars in your current rank. Here are some examples: Rank 15, 2 stars, resets to Rank 19, 2 stars. Rank 1, 3 stars, resets to Rank 5, 3 stars. Legend players reset to Rank 4,…

Optimism Is Ridiculous: The Altarpieces – A Vitalising, Provocative Brew By Natee Utarit

Enter Optimism is Ridiculous: The Altarpieces, a travelling exhibition by Natee Utarit that finds a new home in the intimate space of The Private Museum from 24 January to 11 March 2018. The exhibition features seven pieces from the series, a part of Utarit’s satirical critique of Western modernism. Paying homage to classical religious paintings with elaborate frames and settings, the works are adorned with multiple panels forming diptychs, triptychs, and polyptychs. Each piece is stunningly grand – both in terms of sheer size and context – and invites viewers to decipher the rich, suggestive undertones held in each painting.…