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One Last Plainsunset: An Interview

As one of Singapore’s most influential bands, Plainsunset have had a momentous career, playing on stages big and small. Even without releasing new tracks, the band managed to pull some of the biggest crowds as headliners for Baybeats 2016. This year marks their twentieth as a band — a remarkable feat that is in true fashion to the enduring quality of punk rock. They have recently released a new single, ‘6/4‘, which will be part of their upcoming album, “Both Boxer & Benjamin”. Watch the music video for ‘6/4‘ here, produced in collaboration with videographer Fandy Razak: https://youtu.be/JmxFTudVb1Q DANAMIC.ORG speaks…

Queen, Kylie Minogue, Pentatonix & More: “Round 1” Of Singapore GP Concert Performers Revealed

It’s that time of year again when the big brass from the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix unveil the acts that will perform in front of more than 260,000 fans from across the globe. Previous editions have seen some big names such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5 (who took “encore” a bit too seriously and played for 2 years), and this year’s lineup looks to be another stellar cast.  BREAKING! #SGPConcert Round 1 – Strap yourselves in; you’re in for an epic weekend at #SingaporeGP! pic.twitter.com/EhA4Xapzo8 — SingaporeGP (@F1NightRace) June 6, 2016 1) Queen fronted by Adam Lambert Queen??? With Adam Lambert??? We’re…

Sweet and Sated: 7 Questions with The Maine’s Garrett Nickelsen

The Maine have always been about being the truest version of yourself. From exiting from their major label contract with Fearless Records to organising a free tour across the US, The Maine have personified their manifesto while satisfying fans both old and new. Their latest project is “Covers (Side B)”, an album of music covers that serves as a counterpart to last year’s “Covers (Side A)” EP. The band have released a video for their cover of “Love Yourself” from the upcoming album (yes, it’s the song by Justin Bieber). There are no signs that The Maine are looking to slow…

Copeland Live In Singapore: A Triumphant Return

The lights fell sharply across each face as a swelling crowd of voices sang along to Copeland’s endearing number “Coffee”. It was an incredibly intimate moment and the slightly-older-than-young-adult crowd cheered as the first chorus ended. Last week’s gig at TAB Singapore marked Copeland’s fourth time playing in Singapore, and their first since reuniting in 2014. In a live environment, their songs bear a different weight, somehow transforming into something new like a flower’s blossom. The resulting sound is a solemn affair that melds softly together at the edges, evoking emotions that are almost tangible. It’s not difficult to close your eyes and…

Interview: Copeland Talk Their Legacy, Future Plans, and Their Dream Music Collabs

Photos by Jovi Ho for DANamic.ORG Emo music hit its heyday in the 2000s and at that time, Copeland enjoyed a modest amount of attention for their songs about love and relationships. Back then, everyone (well, all the cool people at least) was burning “Priceless” on mixtape CDs for that one special person. Comprising Aaron Marsh (vocals), Jonathan Bucklew (drums), and brothers Bryan and Stephen Laurenson (lead and rhythm guitars respectively), the band had recorded 5 albums and 3 EPs before their break-up in 2010. Four years later, the band have decided to reunite and have another crack at it. While their new album…

Should You Return: Copeland Makes a Comeback

The last we saw of indie rock band Copeland was at one of their final shows in 2010, as we bid them a tearful farewell before their break up. Fast forward to the present and the band are back together with a new album and a new date in Singapore! Copeland’s return to Singapore is organised by Snowbird Productions, who was previously responsible for bringing in Against The Current and Lenka. The show has been set for Tuesday, 3rd May 2016 at TAB Singapore with tickets now available from Peatix. Tickets are $78 for general admission and $98 at the door. There…

Zayn’s “Mind Of Mine” Might Suffer From One-Track Mindedness

It’s been little more than a year since Zayn Malik (now known mononymously as Zayn – like Madonna or Jesus) announced his exit from One Direction while they were still midway through their world tour – a move that broke the hearts of millions of fans. (They’ll recover.) Dropping his first solo song with as much notice as his departure from the band, “PILLOWTALK” sheds the light, teenager-friendly tone of One Direction and features a much edgier, sensual side of Zayn. As the lead single, it’s a good indication of the songs that follow on his debut LP “Mind Of Mine”…

Go Masters, Chatbots, and Imitation Poetry: The Current State of AI

Remember J.A.R.V.I.S. from the “Iron Man” franchise? While we can dream of having such a futuristic personal assistant, the fact is it’s already there in your hands. It’s a lot less exciting, but it’s all… in your phone. What does J.A.R.V.I.S. do that Siri/Cortana/Google Now can also? Remind you of important dates and meetings? Check. Dictate and send out an e-mail? Check. Compile a list of people who could be The Mandarin? …Probably. Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) refers to machines or software that can intelligently assess its environment and subsequently perform actions to complete specific tasks. That definition alone…

Digital Art Forms In Question At Betwixt Festival

As more production tools become available on a digital platform, it’s becoming easier for anyone to produce a work of art and publish it online. Such is the rate of this phenomenon that it may become an increasingly common occurrence for the art we pay for ending up enclosed within a hard drive. If we pay for digital art, are we paying for a hard drive? This question was deliberated during a panel at the inaugural Betwixt Festival on Saturday. The four presenters – Dayang MNT Yraola, Suzy Sulaiman, Pichaya Aime Suphavanij, and Michelle Ho – discussed digital art and the role…

Imagining Your Relatives As Monkeys

We get it, entertaining the visiting relatives isn’t the most enjoyable nor profitable use of your time. But really, cut them some slack – Chinese New Year doesn’t happen every day. While you’re being anti-social by reading this on your phone, let’s take a moment to imagine your relatives as monkeys (Year of the Monkey, yes?) and see if we the ones we chose matched yours. Just a word of warning: if you can’t suppress your uncontrollable giggling, don’t read this out in the open where everyone can see you. We won’t be held responsible for the subsequent death glares…