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The HeArt Project: Where Truth Deserves A Screening, Kicks Off Its First Webisode

“I believe that the truth deserves a screening.” As the tagline of The HeArt Project, and firm belief of its Founder, Arthur Keng – the aim is to triumph the flood of negative mass media on bad news and decadent gossip, through hope, inspiration and the empowerment of people from all walks of life. “Even if one person receives a breakthrough after watching any of the episodes, it is worth all the work!” Arthur explains, “I started the project wanting to just create as someone that just graduated from a film diploma but, I believe what kept me going was the determination that…

Fundraising The Dream: SHAK With His Debut EP & Australasia Tour

Embarking on his first ever regional tour this year, Shak’thiya Subramaniamm – also known by his stage name, SHAK – has transformed his pastime hobby during his National Service days, into a full-blown passport-happy career. The local singer-songwriter has been a familiar face on the National Arts Council’s Noise Singapore 2016 Music Mentorship programme, Singapore Night Festival, and The A-List Singapore. Starting out his knack at songwriting back in the Army Days, and subsequently falling in love with poetry – you can find SHAK a common attendee of many Open-Mic nights in Singapore. In fact, he’s currently the host of a weekly music…

Upcoming Singaporean Electronica Producer XVAN Breaks Into 2018 With “What’s It?”

Debuting his single ‘Whats’s It?’ today, XVAN marks his foray into 2018, as this Singapore-based producer seeks to put out good music that is refreshing to listeners, and his biggest critic, himself! A smooth but energetic number, ‘Whats’s It?’ is his first international release across all major digital music platforms, aside from his original SoundClound profile. A song filled with both organic and electronic elements, XVAN has carefully blended a hard-hitting mix of synths and percussions, resulting in an ever-changing rhythmic song – sending your ears through quite the aural rollercoaster. It’s in the subtle details, making you realise his…

Throw Yourself Into An “Adventure”, In MMXJ’s Latest Soul Renewing Single

MMXJ starts his foray into 2018 with ‘Adventure’! A little different from his previous releases last year, he’s taken on a more pop-production, that illuminates the spotlight on the soulful timbre and writing, of Irish singer and song-collaborator, James Ty. Accompanying this easily possessive track is a beautifully shot Music Video, set in the mosaic mystery of Hong Kong’s cityscape! Watch as the visuals dive into the magic of the Pearl of the Orient, delivering a kaleidoscope of day-to-day scenes and neon-lit time lapses. The Singapore-based producer notes that with ‘Adventure’: “I wanted to convey a new sense of joy and purpose for living,…

Face Yourself With Super Whatevr’s “Never Nothing” Debut Album

Super Whatevr – a trio-project started by Skyler McKee to encompass his musical poetry, together with bassist Thomas Waale, and drummer Luke Mensink – have released their debut album “Never Nothing”! The concept of which, “is that (what might be wrong with you) is never nothing!” By studying the craft of songwriting with the help of a friend, Mckee penned his own songs – many of which originated from dark places. Reversedly, he hoped his songs would become reflective slithers of hope amidst one’s life-struggles – a fundamental theme of the album. “All my songs are happy,” McKee explained. “They have a sad tone, but it’s all in a…

Lakonna 2018: A Musical Of Dreams, Power & The Risk Of It All

It’s a love story, far from the fairy tales you would recognise! ICN 2018 – Lakonna: A Musical, is an original musical tale of everlasting love intertwined with lies and deceit. It is a struggle for power between two brothers, a woman, and the position of village head. With a team of 127 Indonesian students from Nanyang Technological University, and a script that was in development since June 2017, Lakonna is inspired by a folktale from Tana Toraja – famously known as the “Land of the Heavenly Kings”, a highland region in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Intentionally written as a reminder of today’s increasingly…

Rirkrit Tiravanija’s “Bamboo Maze” – A Mindful Respite With Tea Delight

Should you decide to go atop National Gallery Singapore, you would be greeted by an incredible canopy of bamboo scaffolding. A stark contrast to the modern architecture of the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden surrounding it, internationally renowned artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, presents it as his largest bamboo maze installation to date. Named “untitled 2018 (the infinite dimensions of smallness)”, the immersive installation stands at a towering four-meters high, with its inspiration an elegant combination of materials, craftwork, and architecture from across Asia. The maze itself references traditional hand-built bamboo scaffolding – commonplace in Thailand, where Rirkrit spent most of his growing years…

Get “Lost” To Heal & Stay Brave With Maria Muller

Entering the pop genre for the first time, Maria Muller, a 57-year-old classically trained contemporary singer brings forth her reworked pop version of the newly titled track “Lost” to welcome 2018! Originally titled “Lost In Your World”, Muller explained that she wanted her message to be clear: “Many of us have gone through a time when we needed the strength to choose ourselves over a love that made us lose sight of who we are. For those who have gone through it, I hope the song allows your heart to heal and keep your resolve to stay brave.” Currently based in the United…

‘Tis the Season: World of Warcraft’s Singapore Winter Veil Party

Season’s greetings fellow Horde and Alliance members. The Feast of Winter Veil is here and everyone is invited! You are sure to find a few treats, along with some fun tasks to take on at the coolest party of the year! Spaces are limited, so you’d better get registering now! The event details are as follows: When: 18:00 – 22:00 (Tuesday, December 19) Where: Zouk Singapore (3C River Valley Road, The Cannery) Enjoy a series of fun activities to qualify for a lucky draw – with over 1,000 Blizzard merchandises for you to bring home! Itching to know more? Check out…

Club x Crypto: Skyline Becomes Singapore’s First Cryptocurrency Accepted Club

In light of Blockshow Asia – the largest gathering of crypto community members in Singapore – Skyline Club & Lounge will be accepting cryptocurrency as a new form payment for drinks and food, a first for any club in Singapore! Skyline has chosen cryptocurrency, Ethereum, for its early trial run. Customers will now be able to use their Jaxx or Ethereum Free wallets to pay for drinks with Ether using the COSS Pos system – a pilot collaboration between COSS and Skyline. “We hope to expand this 2-day trial of Ethereum acceptance as payment for drinks and food into a daily acceptance of multiple crypto…