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Xbox One X Review: An Unbeatable Gaming Experience with the World’s Most Powerful Console

When you talk about gaming consoles, others might actually think you are living in archaic times – after all, who plays games on consoles anymore? Wouldn’t your Apple iPhone suffice to play games on your smartphone? Doesn’t the Apple App Store or Google Play Store have enough variety of games to occupy you for your entire lifetime? The answer might be yes, but portable lifestyle devices such as our smartphones cannot replicate the gaming experience on a console. And the best yet is the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s latest foray into the hotly contested console gaming sphere. To kickstart professing…

Review: The Toyota C-HR is a Japanese SUV That’s Built Like a Continental

In the world of automobiles, Toyota is a brand that’s known for reliable engines and gearboxes that hardly ever break down. It won’t be surprising to find 15-year-old Corolla Altises still roaming Singapore’s busy roads in prime condition, boasting an average fuel consumption of around 16 km per litre, which is what some current-generation models can only dream of. Call me old-fashioned, but the quintessential Toyota car is the 1995 Toyota Crown Comfort. Apart from its fame of being the olfactory model for taxis in Singapore from the late 90’s for over 20 years, the Toyota Crown Comfort is a…

Forest Adventure: 3 Hours of Fun in Singapore’s Iconic Treetop Obstacle Course

In Singapore where it is a dense and concrete jungle, it might seem difficult to find some unique outdoor fun here. At the turn of every corner in our little red dot, one will either be greeted by the lifeless facades of HDB blocks, or pricey shopping malls. As the years go by, along with the economic growth of the nation, our childhood escapades have all but reignited. But all hope for fun in the outdoors is not lost – turn your heads (and hopes) to the East and Forest Adventure awaits to fill the void! View this post on…

When Coffee Meets The Taste Of Gula Melaka: Dal.Komm Coffee’s Coconut Coffee Mixtur

No matter the time or mood of the day, the intoxicating fragrance of a good cup of coffee would never fail to lift spirits or calm souls. This olfactory experience is probably one of the main reasons why passionate coffee lovers keep coming back for more. But would this experience change, if it was fusion coffee? I had a taste of Dal.Komm Coffee’s limited-edition Coconut Coffee Mixtur, which was a unique concoction of both flavour and fusion. Priced at $8.90, the Coconut Coffee Mixtur is a creation made out of coconut milk, which is blended with ice and topped off…

RydeX: Everything You Need to Know About The Next Private-Hire Car Service

The hotly-contested carpooling and private-hire car scene in Singapore is certainly interesting to both consumers and industry players alike. In March 2018, Grab announced acquiring Uber’s Southeast Asian operations, thus marking its almost-monopolistic position in the region’s private-hire car industry. Just a little more than a month later, homegrown 4-year old carpooling app Ryde launched RydeX, a snark “in-your-face” move to Grab, thwarting the latter’s position for an assumed monopoly. With Ryde’s launch of its private-hire car service – RydeX – from today (2 May 2018) onwards, consumers can rejoice as this not only means more options, but also more…

2 New Spring Flavours From Haagen Dazs For The Blistering Heat

Ice-cream has got to be one of the most amazing inventions of humans ever. Who would have thought that something of a part-liquid, part-solid state could bring so much joy regardless of season? Be it on days where the sun is simply out to kill with the heat, or netflixing (and chilling) with the sweater weather, ice-cream is perfect for literally any time. To me, Haagen Dazs is the holy grail of all ice-cream – quality ice-cream that never disappoints with every scoop of the spoon. Even got me begging for more once the aftertaste wears off. I believe many…

Japanese Film Festival 2018 Brings The Best of Japanese Cinema in Singapore

One of the first things that would pop up in our minds once we hear “Japan” or “Japanese”, is either one of two: endless slices of Salmon sashimi, or cutesy anime girls with high-pitched voices that can almost destroy our eardrums. But for me, Japan never fails to prompt me to think of high quality in virtually anything that comes from it – be it cars, food, stationery, and even films. Good Japanese films don’t only point to anime that keeps you addicted to watching episode after episode (even after the fillers), but also includes productions that are not shy…

5 Things You Had No Clue AI Could Do for You

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to replace all of mankind: this statement is quintessentially the hallmark of the pessimism of our generation – and for good reasons, actually. Not only is it poised to take over more than 40% of all jobs in the next 10 years, AI has made it possible to fall in love with an entity without a soul. Heck; forget about the fruit of good and evil – because of the insane advancements of AI, robots are even able to discern what’s morally right and wrong. Yet, our world today is enriched by AI in countless…

Win 2 Tickets To The Nightingale: A Musical That Teaches True Friendship

Friendship is one of the most fundamental things that makes life on Earth, meaningful. You could even go as far as to say that without friendship, we will all go extinct (even with food). For starters, friendship is about sharing pieces of life with a few others; and in turn, you get a kind of fulfilment that cannot be bought with anything else. Even a marriage is the evolution of the first step of making friends. But what is the essence of true friendship? Is it just about sharing common ideals and having a good time together? The decisions are…

Here’s Why Sentosa Is The Next Chinatown This CNY 2018

Sentosa: home to just about anything exhilarating – the tallest dueling coasters in the world, a speedy skyline luge, and an indoor wind tunnel so anyone can fly like a bird, just to name a few. That’s merely the icing on top of the cake; Sentosa is also home to not one, but a total of three beaches for all to take a quick breather from the stressful confines of the mainland. It’s really no surprise to see why the humble little island is touted as the state of fun! This year, Sentosa goes beyond just being a fun place…