Arthur Keng

Passionate about storytelling and creating stuff, Art spends his free time daydreaming or watching films, tv commercials, and music videos. He sometimes "Switches" on his Nintendo too, if he has any free time at all. He tends to beat boxes while he commutes, or he will take it out on a drum kit or an electric guitar. He has also edited about 200 episodes of a TV series called "Tanglin".

Recap: Keeping FOMO Real with Ultra Music Festival 2018

As one of the most highly anticipated annual music festivals held in Singapore, it was plain to see that Ultra Music Festival 2018 remained an eminence on the music scene last weekend. The largest EDM festival is also testament to the fact that music always has a way of bonding people from all walks of life despite our language barriers and the colours of our skin: in a span of just two days, friendships were forged, unforgettable experiences were made, and it was one heck of a party for most of us. Upon entering the festival grounds at Bayfront Avenue,…