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About our Editorial

Join us as we cover the entertainment and tech scenes, from the newest upcoming artists to the best geeky deals in town, through our online editorial, or our prevalent social media platforms. Enter the scene, be part of the hype, and when you’re ready, become one of the players in it. After all, our vision is simple; We empower people through media and technology.

  • Our Media Group
    From the latest hits in Music to the most inspired exhibits and performances in the Arts, the Entertainment hemisphere of DANAMIC offers only the best coverage of the creative industries. Events and happenings go under the Life section, while the silver screen takes center stage in the Cinema vertical. Together, the DANAMIC team is committed to bringing you expertly-curated content from the world of Media and Entertainment – with elegant finesse.
  • Our Technology Group
    The Tech division at DANAMIC features content split across three main branches. Together, the Gaming, Gear and Tech verticals offer a seamlessly-intertwined rendering of all that is newsworthy in the innovative tech industries. The DANAMIC team is confident that our “triple threat” coverage will keep you updated on the latest and the greatest in the digital age.

Our Media Services

Other than handling our Editorial, the DANAMIC Media Group also creates content, reaches out to influential audiences, and provides various services within the entertainment spectrum. Some of these services include:

  • Campaign Management
  • Copywriting
  • Event Management
  • Talent, Audio, and Visuals
  • Social Media Marketing

If you’re keen on seeing if we can tailor something that fits your advertising, marketing or general copywriting needs, drop us an email at [email protected]!

For You: Press Releases & Social Media Syndication

We accept original content and general articles for publishing, mostly on a non-compensational basis. Besides being published on DANAMIC, your content may enjoy syndication with our various web, print and social media partners. If you would like to submit content to us or would like to add us to your media mailing list, please do so via [email protected].

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