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What’s hot on everyone’s idiot box? The latest shows that everybody is binging and why.

  • Shirkers Cover

    To call Shirkers a mystery would be an understatement. The documentary, now out on Netflix, explores the story behind Sandi Tan’s 1992 would-be film of the same name. Together with her best friends and teacher from film class, they embarked on a two-month long adventure to make Singapore’s first surrealist indie road movie about a serial killer. Just when shooting was over, however, their teacher, Georges Cardona, vanished with the footage. He left no reason for his disappearance and no trace of the film the friends had poured so much into. The film answers the questions raised by the disappearance…

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  • Shirkers: Cover

    Shirker (noun):Someone who avoids something, especially work (Cambridge English Dictionary). If you aren’t sure what the film is about, even after watching the trailer, you will not be alone. The mysterious trailer raises several questions while giving almost nothing away. Nevertheless, let me try and break it down for you. Premiering at the Singapore Film Society’s 60th anniversary event on 20 October and globally on Netflix on 26 October, Shirkers is a documentary by Singaporean-born film-maker Sandi Tan. The film chronicles the story of Sandi and her friends’ first movie-making experience back in 1992. The group filmed a Singapore-based indie…

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  • Watch Me: Upcoming TV Seasons To Catch

    Our TV marathon spree seems to have reached an abrupt halt. With the end (or rather impending end) of popular series’ such as Arrow, The Flash, Nashville, The 100, Empire etc. there appears to be nothing left for us to watch besides free-to-air channels. We’ve made our pick of 2 hotly-anticipated TV premieres to catch-up on, just before you start lamenting the end of the TV season and switching to a palpably inferior substitute. Wayward Pines (Season 2) Welcome to Wayward Pines, where paradise is home. There are only 3 cryptic rules to living in Wayward Pines. Do not try to leave. Do…

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  • Mid-2016 Season Break: Which TV Series Ended On A High And Which Didn't?

    It’s that time of the year again: The part where we either put our hands together and go kumbaya at the euphoric high which our favourite shows ended upon, or wring our hands together in abject misery at the pathetic state which they have plummeted to. TV Season Mid 2016 review is here to tell you what’s hot and what’s not. Here at DANAMIC.ORG, certain spellbinding series in TV Season Mid 2016 caught our hearts, and their picturesque endings are just like the perfect frosting on an extremely decadent cake. Some others simply ended on a grotesque mess: think a…

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  • RIP Nashville: Top 10 Performances From The Country Music Series

    It’s a sombre moment for all country music and television fans out there. After an extremely impressive debut that garnered several nods from various award categories (ranging from the Critics’ Choice Awards, the Golden Globes and even the Emmys), TV series Nashville has, quite unfortunately, given its final curtain call on the grand ole opry stage/bluebird café/any other iconic music site in Nashville which we are all probably unaware of. Has @EmpireFOX finally eclipsed @Nashville_ABC? We wrote about the competition between the 2 shows last year:https://t.co/iegaiYHYnF — DANamic.ORG (@DANAMICORG) May 13, 2016 There could be a multitude of reasons as to why the…

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  • A Couch Potato's Happy New Year: 4 TV Series To Catch in January

    The new year is here and there we go again: making lofty resolutions that mostly include going on a healthier diet and incorporating more exercise into our routines, a feat we consistently seem to be unable to deliver upon because we’d rather stay snuggled up with a cup of hot cocoa, enjoying the latest episode of “Game of Thrones“. Well aware of our weak wills, I have a better suggestion this year. As opposed to pledging to do more exercise, we could, conversely, pledge to watch more television instead, a feat that I’m certain we would be able live up to triumphantly. To kick things off,…

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  • Nashville vs Empire: Are Music TV Series Obsolete or Rejuvenated?

    Imagine a glass of velvety-smooth red wine, accompanied by a succulent and juicy medium-rare steak. Yes, that divine combination is no different from the interweaving of music and television series, creating a perfect combination with entertains us and soothing our soul through mellow tunes. Popular examples include our all-time favourite coming of age series, “Glee“, which expertly intertwines covers of popular songs to highlight the dilemma of the protagonists. More popular modern examples include the Rachel Bloom-fronted “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend“, a hilarious comedy which intricately blends ludicrous songs into its storylines. Usually argued to be musicals in their own right, the…

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  • Dethroned: “Scream Queens” Gives Us A Reason To Scream

    The premise of Scream Queens brought about an incontrovertible sense of excitement. Being produced by Ryan Murphy, or more commonly known as the guy who created Glee and American Horror Story (AHS), Scream Queens was viewed as Murphy’s masterful brainchild: driving at an eclectic mix of horror and comedy, or simply explained as combining the best parts of Glee and AHS. Moreover, Scream Queens boasted an all-star ensemble, which included musical superstars such as Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas; prominent actresses like Emma Roberts and Lea Michele (also of Glee fame); and even the legendary scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. Quite…

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