Minion Mayhem: Celebrate A Mega Despicable Summer at Universal Studios Singapore!

Did you know that it’s been seven years since the last film from the Despicable Me series was released?! Time truly does fly by. When the previous Despicable Me film came out, I was nearing the end of my primary school days, meaning the franchise had been a loyal companion for most of my childhood. 

Fast forward to today, when I’m excited to hear that Illumination is set to release the next instalment of the Minions series with the all-new Despicable Me 4 film! Alongside this exciting, upcoming movie launch, Resorts World Sentosa’s Universal Studios Singapore is celebrating its release with their own event, A Mega Despicable Summer!

Most people my age would’ve probably outgrown the Despicable Me franchise, but I could hardly contain my excitement when I got the call to attend a preview of the event! I’m still a kid at heart after all, so this was a great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane of one of my favourite childhood film series.

The film opens on 4 July 2024 in Singapore while A Mega Despicable Summer is currently open to the public starting from 1 July 2024; this is the perfect way to celebrate and prepare for the film! So allow me to take you through the fun I had and what you can anticipate at A Mega Despicable Summer!

Mega Minions Inflatables

Enter New York Street, and you’ll find yourself staring face to face with the Mega Minions Inflatables towering from above. They are both mega in size and have their own superpowers! 

Sat on the lamppost is the laser-blasting Mega Mel as super-strong Mega Dave narrowly misses his chaotic, red blast on the lamppost across the street! And up above, we have the flying Mega Gus hovering over the pair in his comical banana superhero suit while the indestructible Mega Jerry hangs off a building.

A Mega Despicable Summer: Mega Minion Inflatables
Welcoming you to the event are the Mega Minions!

The Mega Minions are new, crucial superhero characters in Despicable Me 4, so these larger-than-life inflatables are a sneak peek into the film and a great photo spot in the park. 


Once we’ve gotten our mandatory snaps, we head over to the centre of the excitement — a striking blue and metallic stage that transports you straight into the world of the Anti-Villain League (AVL) headquarters! This stage is where most of the action takes place so you don’t have to go elsewhere to join in on the fun!

First was the Minionvasion, where the Anti-Villian League Minions and agents took over New York Street with the first Minionvasion flash mob. The agent-Minion crew stepped out from the metallic entrance of the AVL headquarters, looking dapper in their iconic AVL dark suits and matching black sunglasses! 

At the animated signal of “Get into formation!” by presumably the leader, a bob-haired lady agent, the crew indeed got into formation as they weaved through their slick, synchronised choreography from the stage to the road! They also have a fun little dance sequence you can follow with the leader’s commands, which got me and the crowd moving.

A Mega Despicable Summer: Minionvasion
When the AVL tell you to “get into formation”, you have got to get into formation!

To top off the experience, the AVL Minions and agents also held a meet-and-greet of their own! So “strike a pose!” and groove with the crew as you take pictures with them at the meet-and-greet.

Mission: MEGA

After Minionvasion was over, we dived right into Mission: MEGA! In this thrilling new live show — which also happens on the stage at New York Street — join the Minions Kevin and Stuart as they give their all to stop thieves from stealing secret Anti-Villian League tech!

A Mega Despicable Summer: Mission MEGA
Will the AVL stop the thieves from stealing secret AVL tech?!

Here, we were treated to an action-packed show where AVL Minions and a head agent busted out their best fighting moves, flips, and tricks! But the real magic happens when you learn how the Mega Minions get their superpowers, and if you’re lucky, you get some superpowers of your own. So pay close attention!

During the show, the head agent will search for a lucky audience member to join him and the AVL Minions on stage where they become a volunteer in obtaining a unique superpower! Despite my furious hand-waving, I wasn’t chosen to get up on stage, which was a bummer, but watching was still enthralling. 

Now, I won’t spoil what superpower the volunteer audience got, but it did involve a magic trick that even I couldn’t figure out. The superpower bestowed upon the audience member is closely related to one of the original Mega Minions’ superpowers.

While I’m sure some might find that Mission: MEGA is more geared towards kids, even at 18 years old, I was thoroughly entertained by the show’s incredible stunts, storyline, and audience participation. So do catch the show during its respective showtimes when you can!

Meet-and-Greet with Gru’s Family

You won’t only be meeting the Mega Minions and agents at Universal Studios Singapore. We also got to catch Gru’s family — the man himself, Gru, his wife Lucy, and the girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes over at the Lagoon Stage for meet-and-greets! 

A Mega Despicable Summer: Gru and Lucy Meet-and-Greet
Remember to dress your best for the Meet-and-Greets!

The Gru family are split into two meet-and-greets with different time slots so you can find either Gru and Lucy or the girls at various times. 

Delightfully Despicable Treats and Minion Merchandise

A day at a theme park can’t be without some delicious treats, and Universal Studios Singapore doesn’t disappoint!

Created just for the event, you can find some Despicable Me 4-inspired treats at selected restaurants and carts, which include Pops! Popcorn Delights, Mel’s Drive-In, Star Snacks, KT’s Grill, and Loui’s Pizza

On the menu, choose from the Dave Double Beef Patty Burger with Strong Cheese, the Mega Jerry Beef Taco Burger, the Minion Macaron, the Gru Sundae, and the Minion Cupcake! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to taste the Gru Sundae and the Dave Double Beef Patty Burger with Strong Cheese, but I believe they will keep you and your stomach happy!  

A Mega Despicable Summer: Delightfully Despicable Treats
We went bananas over the minion-inspired bites!

Also, don’t forget to pick up some exclusive Pit Crew Minion and Mega Minion merchandise

The merchandise range has everything you need to get yourself ready for Despicable Me 4, so shop till you drop before leaving the park!

A Mega Despicable Summer: Pit Crew and Mega Minion Merch
Don’t leave without getting yourself a new shirt or two for the movie!

A Mega Despicable Summer Details

Get ready for a summer of mayhem and mischief right here at A Mega Despicable Summer in Universal Studios Singapore! Guests of all ages are welcome to join the fun so you’re never too old to let the kid in you play their heart out!

To get your tickets to Universal Studios Singapore, check out Resorts World Sentosa’s official website. For more information, you can view their socials on Facebook and Instagram.

A Mega Despicable Summer: The Girls

🗓️Date: 1 July to 11 August 2024
📍Location: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway 098269 at Resorts World Sentosa
💲Price: S$74/Adult and S$59/Child
*A Mega Despicable Summer is included with regular admission to Universal Studios Singapore tickets.
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm

Photos by Eshani N J of the DANAMIC Team.

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