From Screen to Scream: Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ Comes to Life at Halloween Horror Nights 12!

As the sun sets and darkness envelops Universal Studios Singapore, a chilling new terror awaits those brave enough to enter. Halloween Horror Nights 12 is finally here, and it promises to plunge you into a realm of pure, unadulterated fear. 27 September to 2 November 2024. 18 nights. The stakes have never been higher. The screams have never been louder. Here comes the spine-chilling addition that will make your blood curdle – a haunted house inspired by Netflix‘s horrifying series, Sweet Home

In yet another unholy alliance with Netflix, comes the apocalyptic nightmare: Sweet Home. Imagine a world where your deepest desires morph into monstrous entities, lurking in every dark corner, ready to devour your sanity. The line between reality and horror blurs as you step into this spine-chilling realm, where every breath could be your last. Do you dare to face these terrors? Will you survive the night or fall prey to the lurking monstrosities?


Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights is back for its 12th terrifying year. Plunge yourself into the eerie corridors of @netflixsg’s Sweet Home haunted house. Try not to fall victim to the monsters or you might just end up like them. Ticket sales start 13 August. #Netflix NetflixSG #SweetHome #HalloweenHorrorNights12 #HalloweenHorrorNights #USSHHN #USS #UniversalStudiosSingapore #RWSMoments #RWSentosa

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Sweet Home is a Korean apocalyptic horror series that premiered in December 2020. It wears the crown for becoming the first South Korean series to enter Netflix’s Top 10 in the United States. Starring the iconically known ‘Son of Netflix’ in Korean heartthrob Song Kang, who absolutely devoured his role as Cha Hyun-Su, the series has seen two sinister seasons and awaits the third and final one, set to premiere on 19 July 2024, making the timing for this announcement impeccable and supremely thrilling!

There have been rave reviews about the “high-quality visual effects”, with the show also being nominated at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards and Asian Academy Creative Awards in 2021 for these very graphics. That’s how you know you’re in for some petrifying, hair-raising moments this year! The haunted house will be based on some of its most spine-chilling scenes and grotesque monsters from Seasons 1 and 2. A pro-tip? Binge season 3 right before you make your way to Halloween Horror Nights 12 for the true soul-sucking experience!

This haunted house will be transformed into the Green Home apartment complex, where much of the show is based. As you step into this haunted home, stay alert and remain on your toes, for you never know what (or who) may be peering over your shoulder or awaiting your presence in their unholy embrace. You will be retracing the steps of the characters, taking on the story as if you’re its new protagonist (or, maybe, its target?). Don the armour of courage as you take your first few steps into the godforsaken Sweet Home.

This isn’t the first time a Netflix series has graced the home of horror here in Singapore. Last year, the undead took ahold of the place our childhood was made with the haunted house based on the global hit zombie series All of Us Are Dead. And at Halloween Horror Nights 8, the critically acclaimed Stranger Things made its jaw-dropping appearance at the event we all await with bated breath every year. 

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 12
Universal Studios Singapore previously worked with Netflix last year for their All of Us Are Dead-themed haunted house

“We are very excited to be back with another haunted house collaboration with Netflix and to feature the world’s first horror attraction inspired by Sweet Home at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 12. Every haunted house experience is our creative spin on the source material while staying true to its essence – and Sweet Home is no exception. Korean horror is something that resonates well with our fans and we can’t wait to take Halloween Horror Nights to new, frightful heights,” said Markham Gannon, Director of Entertainment at Resorts World Sentosa.

As the anticipation builds for the spine-chilling horrors of Halloween Horror Nights 12, the promise of Sweet Home‘s apocalyptic terror looms ever closer. Mark your calendars and steel your nerves, for tickets go on sale from 13 August. Secure your passage into this world of monstrous desires and twisted horrors. Prepare for an unforgettable descent into terror, where every shadow holds a new nightmare, and every corner could be your last. Will you survive, or will the horrors consume you? Only time will tell.

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 12

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 12

🗓️Date: 27 September to 2 November 2024
📍Location: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Tickets will be up for grabs on 13 August 2024, so till then, assemble your troop and gather your armour! While ticket prices have not yet been released, you can be the first to hear every update by signing up for the Resorts World Sentosa Newsletter. Also, stay tuned to their official website and Instagram page for more information. All the best. May we meet on the other side.

Visuals courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa (圣淘沙名胜世界).

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