Furry Fanfare: CQ @ Clarke Quay’s Furkids Fiesta returns this July

I don’t know what your idea of heaven is like, but for me, it would be furry faces, wagging tails, and the air ringing with the sounds of joyful barks and meows. I just want to be surrounded by a swarm of furry friends, and the good news is that this picture is a reality in the form of the CQ Furkids Fiesta!

Mark your calendars, pawrents, as the CQ Furkids Fiesta returns from 6 to 7 July 2024! In partnership with Hope for Animals and Pawfuration, this second instalment of the fiesta sees CQ @ Clarke Quay’s Fountain Square transformed into a playground where pets (and their proud owners) reign supreme and their antics steal the show!

This comes after the CQ @ Clarke Quay’s rejuvenation as a day-and-night lifestyle destination just a few months ago, opening its doors with refreshed retail and lifestyle offerings, expanded riverside dining and entertainment options, and pet-friendly amenities. So it’s all the more timely that the CQ Furkids Fiesta is returning this time of the year!

For this year’s edition of CQ Furkids Fiesta, expect a fun-filled weekend of activities, contests, and giveaways from 1pm to 9pm on both dates! If you’ve got a cherished companion you wish to celebrate and spend time with, let me share why this fiesta is the perfect place to take your pets!

Rescued Dogs Runway and Adoption Drive

For the first time ever, CQ Furkids Fiesta will present the fashion “Rescued Dogs Runway” and an “Adoption Drive”! Led by creative director and television personality David Boey and welfare organisations, this new runway is a creative spin on traditional pet adoption drives. 

As you’re treated to a stylish spectacle of dogs strutting their stuff, you might also find yourself a companion to take home, as the stars of the show are adoptables and rescues! So if you’ve been meaning to find a pet, the Rescued Dogs Runway is where you can house a lovable dog that deserves a home.

Temptation Trail

Back by popular demand, the “Temptation Trail” is where you can put your furkids to the ultimate challenge of their willpower and focus! The Temptation Trail is a chance for any proud owner to pit their pets against others in a race!

CQ Furkids Fiesta: Temptation Trail
Watch the furry friend go!

Along the trail, your pets might find mouth-watering distractions! Does your pet have what it takes to stay the course or will they succumb to temptation? If you know your pet will leave the other cute critters in the dust, then CQ Furkids Fiesta will love seeing your four-legged racer at the starting line at the Temptation Trail.

Spider Maze 

The Temptation Trail is undoubtedly a highlight of the CQ Furkids Fiesta, but an exciting new twist will be added to this fiesta too! This twist my friends, is the “Spider Maze” contest, which features intricate spider web obstacles.

Your pet will face a series of challenges requiring them to carefully manoeuvre through this exhilarating maze. Designed to enhance your pet’s problem-solving skills and physical agility while providing a fun pet-and-pawrent bonding experience, challenge your pet to navigate the maze to reach the greatest reward: your happy embrace!

SlowFeeding Munch Off

Do your pets always seem to chow down their food at the speed of light? Then, the “SlowFeeding Munch Off” is where you can change that habit of theirs!

In the SlowFeeding munch-off, your furkid will have to savour their treats at a slower pace. This challenge aims to promote healthy eating habits whilst enjoying some friendly competition. So if your pet is the ultimate slow eater, you can put them in this competition for well-deserved bragging rights and a delicious meal!

Tic Tac Paw

While it’s true that the CQ Furkids Fiesta is the time for your pets to shine, pet owners can also participate in the action through a game of “Tic Tac Paw”! This isn’t just any ordinary game of tic-tac-toe; this is where you test your wits and reflexes! 

To win the game, you’ll compete against your opponent by answering quiz questions correctly to place your marks on the board. The first player to score three marks in a row wins a small prize. If you have a quick mind, consider trying this out at CQ Furkids Fiesta!

Through the Glass

Returning to the CQ Furkids Fiesta is LightSmith Co, a team of skilled photographers for “Through the Glass”! The Rescued Dogs Runway is a chance to watch other dogs sashay down the runway, but how about putting a spotlight on your pets too?

As your pets frolic against the backdrop of CQ’s iconic, illuminated angel canopies at sundown, you can pay as you wish to receive the photos LightSmith Co’s photographers have captured of your pets. 

CQ Furkids Fiesta: Through the glass
Capture the unforgettable memories of your pets at CQ Furkids Fiesta with the help of LightSmith Co’s skilled photographers!

Bonus points are that proceeds will be donated to various Animal Welfare Groups supported by Hope for Animals, a non-profit voluntary animal advocacy group! Taking home a precious memory whilst donating to a good cause? Now that sounds like an opportunity pawrents shouldn’t pass up on, so keep an eye out for the LightSmith Co photographers during the CQ Furkids Fiesta.

Pet Walk and Pet Market

After all that action, take your pets for a relaxing sundown stroll along the scenic riverside and capture Instagrammable moments with your loved ones! You can also share your cherished moments on social media and hashtag your posts with “#CQFurkidsFiesta” to be part of CQ’s very own pet community.

Moreover, you are also welcome to browse the lively Pet Market! Brimming with a diverse selection of products and treats, you and your pets will be spoilt for choice. After all, your pet has worked hard for the day, so why not spoil it with some delicious treats and pawsome products?

CQ Furkids Fiesta: Pet Market
Doesn’t your pet deserve a delicious treat?

Fantastic Deals for Pets and Owners

You didn’t think that was all, did you? Exclusive deals await you and your animal companions right here at CQ! If you visit the Greek restaurant Zorba the Greek Taverna, which is most certainly pet-friendly, you can enjoy 10% off your total bill exclusively during the Furkids Fiesta weekend!

As an added treat, with a S$50 minimum spend receipt from any CQ establishment except for FairPrice Finest, you can stand a chance to win up to S$25 in vouchers or a Daniel Boey signed book! These attractive prizes require fast hands, as redemptions per day are limited to 20 sets of books and 50 sets of vouchers!

CQ Furkids Fiesta Details

Now that you know what to expect at CQ Furkids Fiesta, all you have to do is get your pets ready for a day full of laughter, love, and lasting memories! The CQ Furkids Fiesta is more than just a day of fun and festivities — it’s a celebration of the incredible bond pet owners share with their animal companions. So what are you waiting for? Take your pet to the fiesta this July, and I promise you won’t regret it.

CQ Furkids Fiesta: Details
A pawsitively perfect weekend awaits you at CQ Furkids Fiesta

🗓️Date: 6 to 7 July 2024
📍Location: Fountain Square, CQ @ Clarke Quay
Time: 1pm to 9pm

For more information, check out CQ @ Clarke Quay’s socials on Facebook and Instagram!

Visuals courtesy of CQ @ Clarke Quay.

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