WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024: All the artists to see this August!

Are my eyes not playing tricks on me? Am I reading this right? Is it finally happening? Yes, yes, yes! Since 2015, WATERBOMB, one of South Korea’s biggest summer festivals, has been making a splash in countries such as Japan and Thailand. Now, the iconic festival is arriving on our shores for the very first time from 24 to 25 August 2024, so there is no need to take a plane elsewhere to see some of your favourite Korean artists perform while playing thrilling water games!

Singapore’s edition of WATERBOMB will boast an impressive line-up of 17 artists from South Korea and our local pool of talents, so you’ll be treated to the best of both worlds! With so many artists taking the WATERBOMB stage, you might not remember them all, but don’t worry—this is a guide to every artist coming to WATERBOMB, so you’ll know what to expect!

Saturday’s Line-up

In case you aren’t aware, WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024’s first day is on a Saturday, so your weekend plans are already set! But which artists will be performing on the first day, I hear you ask, and that’s where I’ll come in to share the 9 artists you’ll see on Saturday!


Since 2018, Korean-American soloist Jessi has been a veteran of the WATERBOMB stage multiple times with her confident stage presence and fiery rap and vocals! So you can say that WATERBOMB is incomplete without this multi-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter! 

A prominent presence in Korean variety programs, Jessi achieved mainstream popularity after competing in the hit hip-hop competition show “Unpretty Rapstar” and hosting her own YouTube talk show “Jessi’s Showterview” with SBS! Despite Korea’s notoriously stifling media censorship, Jessi has never let that prevent her from expressing herself unabashedly. Her blunt and often expletive-laden humour only captured the hearts of international and Korean audiences alike, but don’t be fooled into thinking she’s just a variety star!

No matter the occasion, Jessi always brings her “A” game, as she knows how to get the crowd going through her strong performances and fierce attitude! Some of her hit songs that best encapsulate her confident performer persona include the attitude-laced “NUNU NANA” and the rock-heavy “What Type of X”, so get ready to ZOOM into WATERBOMB with Jessi this August!

Kid Milli

WATERBOMB SG 2024: Kid Milli
Kid Milli’s bringing the heat to WATERBOMB this August!

Jessi isn’t the only artist who’ll be spitting bars at WATERBOMB! Fellow K-hip-hop rapper Kid Milli will also make a splash at WATERBOMB SINGAPORE. Like Jessi, Kid Milli has had his fair share of hip-hop competitions, participating in the rap competition Show Me the Money Season 777.

On the show, he became known for his sharp-wittedness, clever bars, and signature “spitting” flow, which led him to finish the show as second runner-up and emerge as one of the leading figures in the new wave of Korean hip-hop! He even became a mentor on the same show’s following season and has since collaborated with prominent K-hip-hop names like PH-1, proving his popularity in the rap scene.

WATERBOMB SINGAPORE will most definitely not be beige when Kid Milli is around. With tracks like the award-winning “IndiGO” and the Show Me the Money Season 777 track “Good Day” on his belt, Kid Milli is bringing the heat with his impeccable flow and swaggering attitude.

Kwon Eunbi

WATERBOMB SG 2024: Kwon Eunbi
Bow down to the new queen of WATERBOMB, Kwon Eunbi!

Sorry if I sound shamelessly biased, but it’s one of WATERBOMB’s newest queens, Kwon Eunbi! Kwon Eunbi, formerly leader of the mega-successful girl group IZ*ONE turned soloist, became a hot topic in the K-pop community after her performances at WATERBOMB last year went viral due to her stunning beauty!

This led to the talented soloist being recognised as a rising model in the advertising industry, appearing in numerous ads such as Jadam Chicken and beauty brand Nine Wishes, all within a short 7-month period! The singer, who was crowned a “water goddess” by netizens, has music just as captivating! From the upbeat “The Flash” to “Underwater” (a title that most certainly fits WATERBOMB’s wet festivities), Kwon Eunbi’s vocal prowess and captivating aura will definitely keep you hyped during WATERBOMB!

Sandara Park

WATERBOMB SG 2024: Sandara Park
Sandara Park owning the stage at WATERBOMB’s press conference!

Any OG K-pop fans here? If you are, then I know that hearing the name “Sandara Park” is enough to get you excited! Sandara Park, best known as one of the faces of second-generation K-pop and for being one of the four ladies from the iconic girl group 2NE1, is here to make waves at WATERBOMB!

For those unfamiliar with the legacy Sandara and 2NE1 created as reigning queens of the K-pop scene, let’s just say that the party begins when they show up! During their heydays, the quartet put out hit after hit — from the electrifying “COME BACK HOME” to the timeless “I AM THE BEST”. Till today, many like myself still know the words to these mega-popular tracks! 

In terms of solo works, Sandara is also just as competent as a one-woman show. She even gave a taste of what you can expect from her at WATERBOMB, performing at WATERBOMB’s press conference to a crowd of adoring fans! So, if Sandara can manage to charm a crowd without showing off her full power, I can’t imagine how intense the crowd will get when she unleashes her full potential at WATERBOMB!


PULL UP to WATERBOMB to check out VIVIZ’s performances!

Calling all Na.V! K-pop girl group VIVIZ is gracing WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024’s stage, so don’t miss out on this iconic girl group’s first-ever performance in Singapore! Before they became the trio that they are now, the women made their mark on the K-pop industry as part of one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop, GFRIEND, which spawned hits like “Me Gustas Tu” and “MAGO”. 

Unfortunately, GFRIEND’s time together came to a close in 2021, but this also led to the formation of the VIVIZ we know today, who have seen massive success since their debut! If you’ve been on the K-pop side of TikTok, you may be familiar with the viral dance challenge to VIVIZ’s latest title track, “MANIAC”; it enabled the song to climb back to the top spots of multiple Korean music streaming charts in Korea a month after its release.

MANIAC has since been their most popular song on Spotify, and you can look forward to more eye-catching performances from the ladies at WATERBOMB!


Feel the HEAT with ALYPH at WATERBOMB!

Bringing back HEAT to our local hip-hop sphere is artist ALYPH, a Singapore-born rapper, producer, and songwriter currently at the forefront of the local music scene! If you don’t know who ALYPH is, then maybe you’ll be familiar with his song “SWIPE”, which exploded on the Malaysian side of TikTok.

“SWIPE” isn’t ALYPH’s only successful song though. The song he last produced and co-wrote with K-Clique, “Mimpi”, shook the Malaysian hip-hop scene as it stands at over 70 million views on its music video to date, and he has scored a total of 218 million views on songs he’s produced, written, and performed.

So to see one of the current faces of hip-hop in Singapore and Malaysia for yourself, head over to WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024, where you can catch the triple threat in action!


WATERBOMB SG 2024: lullaboy
lullaboy is ready to serenade you with his sweet voice at WATERBOMB!

Another rising star in Singapore coming to WATERBOMB is lullaboy, a home-grown singer and songwriter! Making a name for himself through R&B pop tunes, lullaboy, whose real name is Bernard Dinata, has racked up millions of streams on his songs such as “someone like u”, which has over 38 million streams and “shortcut to heaven”, which has over 16 million streams.

For a stage like WATERBOMB, acts like lullaboy who typically sing mellow, ear-wormy tunes filled with heartfelt lyrics, may not be what you expect at a water-based and action-packed music festival but with his charms and soulful music, I’m sure lullaboy will be able to burrow his way into your heart with his irresistible tunes!

Jay Park

You can’t talk about the faces of K-hip-hop without talking about Jay Park, one of the most influential artists in Korean hip-hop! The American, South Korea-based artist is a trailblazer in the scene, seeing how he has impressively established multiple agencies like AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, and MORE VISION — home to many well-known Korean acts!

And his triumphs as a rapper aren’t just contained in Korea. Jay Park has also proved himself internationally, appearing as a mentor in both domestic and international competitive music programs and being the first Asian artist to sign on to JAY-Z’s label, Roc Nation. Now that is a true trailblazer of K-hip-hop! 

Jay Park, like Jessi, is a WATERBOMB veteran, and for many good reasons, he keeps returning to the iconic festival. With hits like the fan-favourite “MOMMAE” and the TikTok sensation “All I Wanna Do”, all you’ll want to do is head over to WATERBOMB and fall for the rapper’s alluring performance!


Rain will definitely make it rain during WATERBOMB!

While I will say this list features a good number of artists with long histories in the music industry, the next artist I’ll be talking about probably takes the crown for the artist with the longest career on this list!

Known professionally as Rain, the South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and record producer has had a hard-earned and long-standing career spanning over 26 years as of today; before I was even born!

It seems as though everything he touches turns to gold, as Rain has been successful in every avenue he’s dabbled in. Even today, many junior K-pop artists and fans regard him as one of the biggest Korean soloists and a pioneer in the Hallyu wave. Some tracks you may be familiar with include “Rainism”, a song many K-pop artists junior to Rain have covered and “Gang”, which was remixed by fellow WATERBOMB artist Jay Park after going viral in recent years.

Sunday’s Line-up

I know what you’re thinking: Saturday has such a star-studded line-up. How will Sunday match up to Saturday’s star power? Well, don’t worry. The second day promises to be just as worth it if you plan to experience WATERBOMB on Sunday instead!

Although Sunday’s list features one fewer artist than Saturday’s, these artists are equally popular and worthy of catching their shows! So let me share with you what these 8 artists will bring to the table at WATERBOMB!


A true queen on and off the stage, CL!

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, hearing the name CL after learning that fellow 2NE1 member Sandara Park will be performing the day before her sounds extra bittersweet! After all, it’s a reunion that’s so close, yet so far!

But that means you’ll be blessed with double appearances of 2NE1 on both days! Best known as the leader of 2NE1, the style icon, rapper, singer, and songwriter, CL is known for dominating both the fashion world and the music stage with her charismatic presence!

Those who’ve closely followed CL and 2NE1’s careers may know of some of her biggest hits, including “Hello Bi*ches” and “Lifted”, both of which highlight the artist’s playful and fierce rapping and singing!

So if you want to see one of K-pop’s biggest female rappers live in action, WATERBOMB is where it’s at!


I don’t know about you, but I’m going loco for Loco! The South Korean rapper is yet another familiar face in the rap world of Korea, having won the first season of Show Me the Money in 2012. He’s also had multiple smash hits, like the renowned collaboration he did titled “Say Yes” with singer Punch for the drama Scarlet Heart and “Don’t”, another duet he did with a long-time collaborator Hwasa of the famed girl group MAMAMOO.

Loco is not a new name to WATERBOMB; he has performed for the festival multiple times in the last two years! With his dynamic flow and catchy lyrics, all I need is for Loco to take over WATERBOMB with his high-energy rap performances!


BamBam is bringing international star power to WATERBOMB this August

The K-pop industry has seen a surge in international talent becoming K-pop idols for the last few years, and Thailand is one of those countries that produce such talent! BamBam, a member of the internationally acclaimed boy group GOT7, is one of many successful Thai idols in said industry!

Known for his playful character and multifaceted talents, BamBam has made a name for himself outside his group through his solo works! Some songs of his you may be familiar with if you’re an Ahgase include the synth-heavy, breezy “Sour & Sweet” and the upbeat pop tune “riBBon”!

With his ability to charm international and domestic audiences, you can expect him to put on an electrifying performance at WATERBOMB!


If I were you, I’d run to catch Sorn at WATERBOMB!

Another Thai singer joining BamBam at WATERBOMB is Sorn, a close friend of his and previously a K-pop idol herself! Before her current status as a solo artist, Sorn had competed in the regional competition K-POP Star Hunt, in which she won the first season to become Cube Entertainment’s first foreign trainee before debuting as a member of the girl group CLC!

Although CLC is no longer active, Sorn has continued to make music independently for the last few years! Some tunes by Sorn that I’m sure will get you going during WATERBOMB include “Sharp Objects”, a synth-wave track that gives off 80s retro vibes, along with funky “Nirvana Girl”!


Sorn isn’t alone as a female solo artist who won a K-pop competition! Enter Chungha, a triple threat to those who know of her history! In 2016, the artist finished fourth in Mnet’s girl group survival show Produce 101 and was put into the resulting girl group I.O.I! After the group’s dissolution, Chungha then went on to debut as a solo artist.

As a singer, dancer, and choreographer, K-pop fans know Chungha best for her excellent dance skills and powerhouse vocals! As one of K-pop’s biggest female soloists, Chungha has many hits to her name, including the dance-pop track “Gotta Go” and the delightfully fizzy “Sparkling”!

After leaving her previous agency to join Jay Park’s own More Vision label, the soloist has made her highly-anticipated return, and WATERBOMB will probably be one of the biggest stages she’ll be taking on since her latest comeback!

So if you want to see Chungha taking over the stage, then you gotta go for the second day of WATERBOMB!



สนใจมาเล่นน้ำที่เมืองไทยมั้ยคะคนสวย🥺 #BiBi #badsadandmad #waterbomb2022seoul #fypシ @nakedbibi

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – YKBiBi – YKBiBi

Sunday is all about girl power, and BIBI is a fellow female soloist adding to it! BIBI is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and actress, so talk about being an all-rounded powerhouse! Despite having had a long history in the industry (i.e. winning second place on the competition show The Fan in 2018), the female artist didn’t gain as much mainstream popularity until a few years later!

BIBI’s music features a variety of genres, including R&B, hip-hop, soul, and more, so you’ll be in for a treat when she performs at WATERBOMB! Some of her hits that showcase her versatility and artistry include her most recent song, “Bam Yang Gang”, a mellow track that became her first song to peak at number 1 on the Circle Digital Chart, and the powerful and eerie “BIBI Vengeance”, a complete 180 from Bam Yang Gang.

BIBI is here to make a splash during the weekend at WATERBOMB, so head over to the festival to get a sugar rush from the soloist’s captivating performance!


TEAM BEBE is most certainly the best of Korea’s current dance scene right now!

If you’re into K-pop’s dance culture and haven’t heard of TEAM BEBE, where have you been?! Well, this is a guide after all, so allow me to introduce you to this ultra-talented dance crew!

Over the last few years, there’s been a rise in the popularity of televised dance competitions in South Korea; this is how TEAM BEBE gained popularity! After battling it out with seven other female dance crews, TEAM BEBE, a 7-member all-female team, won “Street Woman Fighter 2” last year and was crowned Korea’s best female dance crew to represent street dance in Korea!

Not only are the team excellent performers, but some members also had a hand in creating the choreographies of some of your favourite K-pop groups’ songs! Bada of TEAM BEBE, arguably the most famous member of the group, has worked with K-pop artists like EXO’s Kai, aespa, The Boyz, and so much more!

While TEAM BEBE won’t be singing at WATERBOMB SINGAPORE on Sunday, you better believe their performances will showcase their best moves!


WATERBOMB SG 2024: Haven
Haven is among Singapore’s music landscape’s newest and brightest artists!

Last but certainly not least is Singapore’s sole local representation on Sunday, Haven! At just 16 years old, Haven made her foray into the music industry and has since made a name for herself as one to watch.

Her stage name, Haven, was chosen by her as it means a safe sanctuary, a feeling that the artist wants to provide when you listen to her tracks and boy, I can’t disagree. Her heavenly vocals float through tracks like Ride or Die and No Hard Feelings, giving you a haven to find comfort in her sound!

WATERBOMB will probably be the local singer-songwriter’s most prominent performance of her career yet, and the artist is just starting to rise to the top, so head over to the festival to show some love to our local talents!


Now that you’ve got the scoop on all the artists you can look forward to during WATERBOMB, the next thing you’ll just need to do is get ready to have a whale of a time partying with these fantastic artists and some water fun!


🗓️Date: 24 August to 25 August 2024
📍Location: Siloso Beach, Sentosa, 10A Siloso Bch Walk, 099008

  • 1-DAY WATERBOMB SINGAPORE PASS with 1 Free Beer Voucher – S$202

Tickets for the event can be purchased from the KKday website. For more information on WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024, head over to WATERBOMB SINGAPORE’s official website, as well as their socials on Facebook and Instagram

Visuals courtesy of WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024 and Viu.

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