Levi’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection: Must-Have Jeans and Pants for Every Style!

One underrated staple in everyone’s closet is their jeans – never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans. Not many people fully understand how an entire outfit can be elevated simply based on the cut or the colour of the jeans they choose. Whether looking for high-waisted, flared or mom jeans, my go-to has always been Levi’s. I know they’re a bit more pricey, but when you shop Levi’s, you know you’re getting good quality jeans – which is all that matters. 

As if Levi’s range of jeans couldn’t get any bigger, everyone’s favourite denim brand is introducing four fresh new fits in their 2024 Fall/Winter Collection! My wallet is hiding for its life as we speak, but getting a fresh pair of Levi’s sounds like a great addition to any wardrobe. 

I can’t think of a better way to kickstart the new season than in a perfect pair of Levi’s. Just think about all the iconic outfits you could assemble with a pair of these bad boys – the fit pics will be insane! 

555 Relaxed Straight 

Levi’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection: Must-Have Jeans and Pants for Every Style!: 555 Relaxed Straight
Let’s head back to the 90s with Levi’s 555 Relaxed Straight

Say hello to Levi’s 555 Relaxed Straight – if you’re looking for a pair of timeless jeans, this is the pair I would suggest copping. Inspired by the straight cuts of the 90s, the 555 Relaxed Straight jeans are cut to offer a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh of the bottoms. At the heart of it, these are straight-cut jeans that still give you the comfort of breathability in all the places that matter. 

For anyone looking to add basic pieces to their wardrobe, a pair of relaxed straight-cut jeans is a must. While anybody can pull off this fit, straight cuts are usually more flattering on people with a pear figure because they have just the right proportions to complement the fit. 

The 555 Relaxed Straight comes in nine different colours, ranging from dark to light wash and even a muted khaki colour, as well as cream and grey. Although I must admit that my personal favourite is the dark wash – you could wear it with a simple fitted white tee and a pair of sneakers. Throw on some jewellery to finish the whole look, and that’s it! The dark wash gives off the illusion of effort even in the most simple of outfits. 

The 555 Relaxed Straight will be available for purchase on 1 July 2024, so make sure you run over to your closest Levi’s store or visit the official Levi’s website and cop your very own pair!

XL Straight 

Levi’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection: Must-Have Jeans and Pants for Every Style!: XL Straight
The XL Straight is the perfect pair of oversized jeans

Next up is the XL Straight—another straight fit that provides comfort while being stylish and relaxed. The XL Straight are loose-fitting mid-rise jeans that are loose through the hip and thigh with a wide straight leg. They even come with a removable self-belt that can be tied and styled as a bow, which is super in trend right now.

These oversized jeans are another basic that everyone needs to add to their weekly rotation. Although they are in trend now, this cut has stood the test of time and proven timeless. Oversized jeans look especially good on those of you with straight or inverted triangle body shapes, so keep that in mind when shopping!

The XL Straight comes in seven different colours, including your typical light and dark washes, as well as black and light khaki. While I am a big fan of dark washes, given the pant’s versatility, I would opt for a lighter wash. If your aesthetic is more street style, these are the perfect fit of jeans to get!

The XL Straight also hits stores on 1 July 2024, so head to your nearest Levi’s store or visit the official Levi’s website to get your pair!

511 Tech Pant

Levi’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection: Must-Have Jeans and Pants for Every Style!: 511 Tech Pant
Leave your scepticism at home! The 511 Tech Pant are the slim-fit pants of the season!

This season, Levi’s is introducing their 511 Tech Pant – the perfect pair of slim-fit pants that follow the natural streamlines of your body. Although baggy pants have been all the rage, slim-fit pants are slowly coming back into style. Now, slim-fit pants are not to be mistaken for a skinny fit – justifiably, everyone’s mortal enemy. Slim-fit pants still allow for comfort and mobility, while a skinny fit is exceptionally tight and clings onto the body. 

Because slim-fit pants follow your natural body shape, anyone – regardless of body size or type   – can pull this off! Don’t let the name fool you either. Slim-fit pants are both stylish and comfortable so long as you find the right sizing – Levi’s has never failed me in this area, and I’m sure they won’t fail you too. 

When styled correctly, slim-fit pants can really elevate your outfit and make you look more put together. The 511 Tech Pant comes in two of the safest colours – black and grey. They can be paired with a multitude of different tops to fit virtually any occasion. Say you’re going into the office; pair the 511 Tech Pant with a simple linen button-down shirt and oversized blazer, and you’re good to go! If you’re looking for something more casual, wear a simple white tee and oversized cardigan with these pants, and you’re out the door. 

Mark your calendars—the 511 Tech Pant will drop in August 2024! Visit any Levi’s store or the official website to grab yours!

XX Chino Tech Pant 

Levi’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection: Must-Have Jeans and Pants for Every Style!: XX Chino Tech Pant
Going to the office or enjoying a European summer? With the XX Chino Tech Pant, no one will know the difference

From one slim fit to another, Levi’s is introducing its XX Chino Tech Pant in this collection—the brand’s take on the traditional style of chinos. Made mostly of cotton, these pants are soft and stretchy, maintaining the comfort that chinos are known for. If you’re too afraid to take the plunge and go straight for a slim fit, I suggest testing the waters with this first. 

While the XX Chino Tech Pant has a tapered leg opening, it still offers more room than Levi’s slim taper. This provides a slightly baggier aesthetic while still looking as clean as a slim fit. The pants come in a sleek black for everyday wear and a cool green tone for special occasions. 

For those who enjoy the old-money aesthetic or European fashion, the XX Chino Tech Pant is an absolute essential. They would look perfect with an oversized sweater layered over a white tee or even a baggy striped Ralph Lauren button-up shirt. Whether you’re going down to the office on a Friday, or jumping on the next plane to Greece, these XX Chino Tech Pants are a must-have!

The XX Chino Tech Pant is yours to shop in August 2024! You already know the drill: Run to any Levi’s store or their official website to secure your pair.

Shop Levi’s 2024 Fall/Winter Collection

Levi’s new 2024 Fall/Winter Collection offers a diverse range of styles that cater to every taste and body type. Whether you prefer the timeless 555 Relaxed Straight, the trendy XL Straight, the sleek 511 Tech Pant or the versatile XX Chino Tech Pant, there’s something for everyone!

Don’t miss out on your chance to elevate your wardrobe with these high-quality, stylish jeans and pants. Make sure to head over to the official Levi’s website and start adding your perfect fit to cart!

Visuals courtesy of Levi’s Singapore.

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