From Teyvat to Singapore: SUSHIRO collaborates with Genshin Impact!

Oh, it’s happening. It’s a collaboration for the books. It’s a collaboration that was a massive hit in Japan and is now landing in Singapore to put us in a chokehold. Ladies and gentlemen, the SUSHIRO SINGAPORE x Genshin Impact collaboration is here! Starting from 24 June, dine at SUSHIRO for a shot at taking home coveted collectables featuring six popular characters hailing from the Inazuma region of Teyvat: Sangonomiya Kokomi, Gorou, Yae Miko, Kamisato Ayato, Kamisato Ayaka and Thoma.

I know you’re sweating for details and aching for all the dirt, so here it is! This collaboration will take place across all SUSHIRO Singapore outlets from 24 June to 4 August 2024. As we celebrate this grand collaboration, we also celebrate two SUSHIRO branch launches—one at Tampines 1 and another at Thompson Plaza! And yes, these outlets will also be part of the promotion. 

This collaboration comes to life in two waves. In each wave, a different set of collectables await you. To qualify for these goodies, all you need is a little piece of paper! To be precise, a receipt. When you spend at least S$30 per receipt at any SUSHIRO outlet, you’re welcome to bring home a collectable! So bring your friends, your loved ones, and fellow Genshin Impact players for a delicious treat!

SUSHIRO x Genshin Impact
Look what awaits you!

On top of that, you will also be offered free collectable hologram photo cards containing special codes to redeem in-game rewards when you play Genshin Impact! You also get complimentary stickers when you like and follow SUSHIRO on their socials!

Wave 1 – 24 June to 14 July 2024

Oh, the collectables up for grabs in the first wave are gems you don’t want to miss! Get ready that dine-in receipt, and prepare to make your choice.

Here’s what awaits you: an 80x180mm acrylic standee of Sangonomiya Kokomi, Watasumi Island’s divine priestess and supreme leader! She hopes to bring Watatsumi Island’s people the hope and happiness they desire and does the same with us Singaporeans too! With that receipt, the standee is all yours for just S$15!

Apart from the standee, you can also choose from the Chibi keychains of Kamisato Ayato, Kamisato Ayaka, and Thoma from the Kamisato Clan, redeemable for S$9 when you present your receipt! So much awaits you!

Each receipt allows the purchase of a maximum of two Sangonomiya Kokomi standees, two Kamisato Ayato keychains, two Kamisato Ayaka keychains, and two Thoma keychains. It also claims one free hologram photo card of a random design. The power that receipt holds is unreal, so guard it with your life! 

During this wave, from 10 July 2024, SUSHIRO’s 12th outlet will begin operations at Tampines 1. So, Easties, have at it! Another outlet opens up near you for your sushi cravings and Genshin Impact rendezvous!

SUSHIRO x Genshin Impact
The standees in question!

Wave 2 – 15 July to 4 August 2024

This time, a new standee takes Sangonomiya Kokomi’s place – behold, the general of the Watatsumi Army, Gorou! Flash that receipt and your pearly whites before being presented with an acrylic figure of Gorou, the courageous and reliable general who will never let his army down. Just like with Kokomi, the standee of Gorou is yours at S$15 with a receipt that amounts to S$30.

In this wave, the keychains will feature chibi versions of divine priestess Sangonomiya Kokomi, Grand Narukami Shrine’s head shrine maiden Yae Miko, and, once again, Gorou, all at S$9 each with the receipt.

Like in the first wave, each receipt warrants the purchase of a maximum of two standees, two of each keychain, and one free hologram photo card of a random design. This wave will also witness the soft launch of SUSHIRO’s 13th outlet at Thompson Plaza from 1 August! The official launch will happen a week later, after the collaboration has run its course.

SUSHIRO x Genshin Impact
These keychains will look adorable on all your belongings!

Ending Thoughts

And just like that, when you participate in both these waves, you will emerge from this groundbreaking, one-off collaboration event with a complete merchandise set of all six characters! Each one symbolises the tale and legend within the realm of Genshin Impact. And every one of them is up for grabs, ready to be a part of your collection and your Genshin Impact story. 

In addition to the goodies you stand to receive, SUSHIRO will also be having a promotion on certain items between 10 July and 6 August—from the Triple Salmon, Marinated Uni Wrap, and Soft Shell Crab to delights that have never been sold in Japan before, like the Conger Eel steamed with Sake, Hokkaido Surf Clam, and more!

And now, you are armed with everything you need to know. You’re a Traveler. Let Singapore be your new Teyvet. From 24 June. At a SUSHIRO outlet near you.

SUSHIRO X Genshin Impact

SUSHIRO x Genshin Impact
See you there!

🗓️Date: 24 June to 4 August 2024
📍Location: Various locations
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (10am to 10pm at Jewel Changi)

  • An acrylic standee of Sangonomiya Kokomi and Gorou: S$15
  • Chibi keychains of Kamisato Ayato, Kamisato Ayaka, Thoma, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Yae Miko, Gorou: S$9

*Prices indicated are only valid with a dine-in receipt amounting to at least S$30

Remember the complimentary stickers we mentioned? They are yours when you like and follow SUSHIRO on their Instagram and Facebook pages. When you do, you also stay updated with all things SUSHIRO! You can also make reservations and online orders on the SUSHIRO Singapore app, which you can download on Google Play and the App Store

Also, you can’t possibly miss the lore of Genshin Impact! Stay tuned to their official website, as well as their socials on Instagram and TikTok, for more information.

Visuals courtesy of HoYoverse Singapore.

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