All-new POKKA FIRST DRIP Series: Savour the Slow Sip!

Ah, POKKA. For generations, you’ve been a constant in many of my and probably many other Singaporeans’ lives growing up. A cherished companion, a Singaporean staple, and a familiar warmth punctuating various occasions in our lives — POKKA has always been a part of life’s special moments. 

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget that we all deserve to step back and take a breather. But POKKA is here to change that! Introducing POKKA’s all-new First Drip series! As its name suggests, the FIRST DRIP series consists of drip coffee, a popular brewing method in which hot coffee is slowly dripped over ground coffee beans through a filter for a rich and flavourful coffee drink.

So, like drip coffee’s meticulously slow process, POKKA’s First Drip series brings a touch of tranquillity to your busy day, inviting you to slow down and savour life’s little luxuries, like the depth of flavours only drip coffee can offer. It combines the richness of tradition and the spirit of innovation, so every sip encourages you to make new memories while relishing the flavours of yesteryears!

Each of the three new flavours in the First Drip series is a testament to POKKA Coffee’s dedication to excellence. With these three flavours, let me prove that the best moments in life are worth waiting for!

Key Features of the POKKA First Drip Series

Quality is a guarantee for POKKA, and the First Drip series is no exception. The new coffee series is crafted from 100% real coffee beans, including Arabica coffee beans! Not only do real coffee beans extract the purest of flavours, but Arabica beans are also known for their superior flavour and aroma, which will completely elevate the overall coffee experience.

POKKA didn’t skimp on their milk quality, either. 100% real milk is featured in the coffees to complement the robust coffee with its creamy and natural taste! If you’re still unconvinced, then I hope that the lack of artificial sweeteners, colouring, and preservatives can win you over! Without these unnecessary additions, your coffee’s natural state is preserved, providing a healthier choice of coffee!

First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar

Now that you know what’s in your coffee, let’s focus on the three brand-new flavours! Launching exclusively at all 7-Eleven outlets in June 2024, the First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar flavour celebrates the spectrum of coffee flavours. 

The First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar flavour is pure and unadulterated with no sugar to mask its natural beauty. Each sip is a rich and bold experience, meaning you’ll taste the depth and robustness of the black coffee! It also features a unique smoothness that refreshingly lifts the coffee flavours without any harshness.

First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar is not only authentic coffee but also a healthier choice of drink!

The First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar is coffee in its purest form, so if you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for the real deal, I’d say this flavour, and yourself is a match made in heaven!

First Drip Vanilla Caffe Latte

The second flavour that will arrive on our shores a little later than the First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar is the First Drip Vanilla Caffe Latte, which will launch exclusively at all 7-Eleven outlets in July 2024

As coffee usually is intense, the vanilla and milk in the drink balance this intensity whilst adding a subtle, sweet note that lingers pleasantly! The caffe latte, being velvety and smooth, means you’ll also get a well-rounded mouthfeel, so make sure to take slow sips to savour this luxurious pleasure.

POKKA First Drip: Vanilla Caffe Latte
Comforting indulgence in a bottle

The First Drip Vanilla Caffe Latte is perfect for those seeking both comfort and indulgence. You’ll never have to compromise on your health while enjoying your indulgence!

First Drip Flat White Intense

Last to the table but certainly not last in taste and quality is the First Drip Flat White Intense flavour! This flavour serves to close off the First Drip series, as it’ll be launched across all major retailers islandwide from August 2024.

The First Drip Flat White Intense combines the smoothness of milk with the intense layers of coffee. Typically, a flat white consists of a higher proportion of espresso to milk compared to a caffe latte, and with the drink being made using the drip coffee technique, you can expect the deepest and richest coffee flavours to come through in every sip.

So, for a robust and sophisticated coffee experience, the First Drip Flat White Intense is your best choice!

Experience the First Drip Series with POKKA’s Upcoming Events and Activities!

To celebrate the launch of the First Drip series, POKKA has planned engaging activities and events so that you can get a first sip!

At Guoco Tower in July and at SMU in August this year, savour the coffee series for the first time with the brand roadshows, as well as challenge yourself to POKKA’s Match N Win game and snap a photo with Chotto, the representative sloth of POKKA Coffee and the world’s chillest coffee drinker.

And in September, look out for POKKA’s specially designed vending machines scattered across prime locations like Bugis+ and Capitol! Not only can you try the First Drip Coffee series, but you can also get a chance to pause and snuggle up with Chotto for a complete experience!

From June to October, you’ll find guerrilla pop-ups and sampling drives across various locations, including Raffles Place and Amoy Street. Each pop-up will feature POKKA’s First Drip Coffee café setting, so you’re highly encouraged to take advantage of this as a rest stop to pause and savour the new drinks!

Finally, mark your calendars for International Coffee Day and International Sloth Day! Celebrated on 1 October 2024 and 20 October 2024, respectively, POKKA will host an exclusive media launch event to introduce the First Drip Coffee series.

POKKA First Drip Series

Since 1972, POKKA Coffee has been the comforting warmth wafting through many Singaporean households, infusing itself with memories big and small. With the launch of POKKA First Drip, POKKA has taken its passion for making memorable coffee experiences to the next level!

As the launch’s campaign slogan goes, “We took our time, so you can take yours.” Grab yourself a coffee from the new POKKA FIRST DRIP series to transform your everyday routines into cherished rituals!

To stay updated on POKKA’s latest news and events, check out POKKA’s website, official Instagram profile, official Facebook Page, and official TikTok account!

Visuals courtesy of POKKA Singapore.

*Article amended with updated photos.

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