Mooncake Mania: Your guide to snagging lip-smacking mooncakes

The mid-autumn festival is approaching soon! As Mooncake bazaars occupy the foyers of shopping malls, lanterns light up the streets; you might be feeling the heat in choosing what kinds to get for your family and friends.

Fret not though! Here is a comprehensive list of mooncakes you can check out this festive season, which are sure to turn heads and light up faces!

1. Park Royal Collection Marina Bay Lychee with Wolfberries 

A lavender beauty - The Park Royal Collection, Marina Bay Lychee with Wolfberries set
A lavender beauty – The Park Royal Collection, Marina Bay Lychee with Wolfberries set

I know it’s said not to judge a book by its cover, but when a box is decorated as elegantly and intricately as the one by Park Royal for their Lychee with Wolfberries collection, you best bet that the mooncakes also taste just as good! 

This Lychee with Wolfberries mooncake set is presented in an elegant four-tier lantern tower mooncake box. Furthermore, for all our environmentally-conscious friends out there, here’s some good news for you!

The packaging is crafted with sustainably-sourced materials and is made with paper board and medium-density fibreboard, predominantly made using wood fibres and unutilised wood shavings. With this box, you can have the best of three worlds in aesthetics, taste and doing your part for the environment. Sold at S$77.31, snag this lavender beauty to impress your loved ones this Mid-Autumn festival.

2. Four Season’s Sultan Durian Mooncake

Mooncake Guide 2022: Four Season’s Sultan Durian Mooncake
It’s durian delight with the Sultan Durian Mooncake

Of course, no mooncake list is complete without a mention of Durian mooncakes. Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that without fail, they are highly sought after year upon year. 

To snag some durian delight for yourself, check out the Four Season’s Sultan Durian Mooncake, featured on popular platforms such as Food King! It is made of 100% pure Sultan puree encased in a thin, chewy snow skin. The mooncakes come in a box of 4 big pieces, and the flavour is exclusive to Shopee. The set of four is sold for S$92.

3. Hilton Orchard Singapore Mooncake Collection

Mooncake Guide 2022: Ginger.Lily
Hilton Orchard Singapore’s Mooncake collection is all about making reusing trendy, and we’re here for it

We know that some might prefer classic, evergreen and timeless flavours when it comes to the selection of mooncakes. For those keen to stick to the basics, these Cantonese-style mooncakes are just for you! With a variety of traditional flavours like Plain White Lotus and White Lotus with Single or Double Yolks, you simply cannot go wrong. Those craving something extra can opt for modern iterations like the Osmanthus White Lotus and the Traditional Mixed Nuts mooncake.

Available for purchase from August 10 to September 10, 2022, each box of four mooncakes is priced at $82. Here’s the kicker though – each set comes in an ornately designed pink box, which can double up as a jewellery box. Talk about effective reusing!

The set also comes with a reusable pastel pink tote bag adorned with a minimalist floral design as an ode to Orchard Road’s history as a plantation. If you know of someone in your life who gets a bit too excited at the mention of reusables – this is the perfect set for them.

4. Fly Me to the Moon(cake) series by Flash Coffee

Mooncake Guide 2022: Flash Coffee Mooncake
Not sure about landing on the moon, but bets are placed on this mooncake to make you go over it

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Flash Coffee, with its neon yellow bolt never missing the eye. But what not all of us know is that along with delectable drinks, Flash Coffee is also offering an array of mooncakes this mid-autumn season. 

Between 22 August and 10 September 2022, the coffee chain will sell specially curated Black Sesame Mooncakes with Salted Egg as part of its limited-time-only Fly Me to the Moon(cake) launch. Offering soft and chewy charcoal exteriors and fillings of sweet mung bean, melon seeds and salted egg, you can enjoy a delightful mix of contrasting textures and indulgent flavours. Now that definitely sounds like a combination to make you go over the moon. 

Of course, you can also pair them with classic beverages from Flash Coffee’s extensive menu, including the Jasmine Green Tea for those who like it traditional, Yuan Yang Latte for the adventurous and Golden Turmeric Milk for those who prefer a non-caffeinated drink. 

The Black Sesame Mooncakes with Salted Egg will be available in sets of 6 for just S$45 and can be purchased at select Flash Coffee stores and on the Flash Coffee app only. Stocks are limited, so do grab them while they last!

5. Mooncakes from PrimaDéli

Mooncake Guide 2022: PrimaDéli mooncakes
A colourful rojak of some of the latest PrimaDéli mooncakes which boast local flavours

You can never go wrong with a home-grown classic such as PrimaDéli. This year, they’re offering an extensive spread of  local favourites, with new and exciting mini snow skin mooncakes that capture the flavours of Singapore’s favourite desserts and kuehs. Kueh Salat, Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh, Chendol, and Black Sesame Peanut, join their wide selection of both baked and snow skin mooncakes. They are available at all PrimaDéli outlets island-wide till 10 September 2022.  Also, new flavours – Kueh Salat, Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh, Chendol, and Black Sesame Peanut – join the ranks of all-time favourite mini snow skin mooncakes, Durian King, Mango Yuzu, Cookies & Cream, and Mylo.

The bakery is also bringing back its traditional baked varieties. One to definitely keep an eye out for would be the Yam with Salted Hokkaido Milk & Cashew Nuts Mooncake, which marries the silky blend of yam paste and salted Hokkaido milk, with the nutty crunch of cashew nuts, for a balanced and well-rounded multi-textural experience.

The classics make their seasonal return, with smooth and generous fillings of low-sugar lotus paste in baked golden-brown pastry, and the choice of salted egg yolk or melon seeds for an extra burst of flavour. For sharing between family and friends, you can  choose between the regular-sized Less Sugar White Lotus with Melon Seeds Mooncake, Less Sugar White Lotus with 1 Yolk Mooncake and Less Sugar White Lotus with 2 Yolks Mooncake – all the flavours we love without the guilt. 

PrimaDéli also offers a range of mini-baked mooncakes. Fans can select their personal favourite between the Less Sugar Mini Pure Lotus Mooncake, Less Sugar Mini White Lotus Mooncake and Less Sugar Mini White Lotus with Yolk Mooncake.

Try all the flavours with the Heavenly Mini Mooncake Gift Set available for purchase at $55.30 per box of nine mini-baked mooncakes.   

6. Bread Garden Mooncakes

Mooncake Guide 2022: Bread Garden Mooncakes
Bread Garden’s ensemble of mooncakes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Bread Garden, a homegrown bakery, is back for Mid-Autumn celebrations this year with its full ensemble of mooncakes, consisting of perennial classics and all-time favourites, as well as several exciting new flavours making their debut.

This year, Bread Garden introduces 10 mooncake gift box sets, in double-tier and single-tier gift boxes that reimagine the classic jewellery case with a contemporary take on oriental elegance and sophistication.

First among equals is the Diamond Grandeur Set, a double-decked gift set encasing 4 of Bread Garden’s signature baked skin mooncake varieties: the all-time favourite Golden Emerald, featuring a low sugar, silky smooth lotus seed and aromatic pandan paste, the Charcoal Golden Emerald with its unique charcoal baked crust, the Golden Red Emerald with its rich green tea and red bean paste and last but not least, the Golden Royale with its soft alluring and creamy custard filling. 

These mooncakes are not only visually appealing, but also abundant in taste, with savoury, granular salted egg yolk right at the core, enwrapped within flavourful and velvety filling, and finally encased by perfectly baked fragrant golden crust. This set screams fancy-schmancy and is sure to delight those for an appreciation of the finer things in life.

7. Green Common’s Vegan Custard Mooncakes

Mooncake Guide 2022: Vegan Custard Mooncakes
Vegans can partake in the festivities with the Vegan Custard Mooncakes from Green Common

We got some love for the vegans as well! Green Common, a company specialising in plant-based foods, is introducing their own offering for people to enjoy with the new Vegan Custard Mooncake flavour.

The mooncakes are freshly baked in Hong Kong. They are made with plant-based ingredients, featuring a mix of creamy eggless custard formula, Miyoko’s award-winning organic vegan butter, and a golden casing made of coconut milk, flaxseed powder and agave syrup.

It’s a delightful treat that is also healthier, with 0mg of cholesterol, 0g trans fat per 100g, and no preservatives added — now you no longer have to feel guilty eating these usually sinful snacks! You can get the Vegan Custard Mooncake gift box at S$54, which comes with 4 pieces of the mooncakes.

We hope our list, while not exhaustive, has left you spoilt for choice for your mooncake orders this year! Sweet or savoury, tangy or tantalising, there’s a mooncake for everyone, and we hope you get to dig into your fair share of baked goodness this Mid-Autumn festival. Happy feasting!

Visuals courtesy of Park Royal, Four Seasons, Hilton Orchard, Flash Coffee, PrimaDéli , Bread Garden, and Green Common.

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