Majulah Live x It’s a Rap Concert: Head-Bopping, Dance-Invoking, Laughter-Filled Party of 2022!

When you see the words ‘party’ and ‘2022’ in the same sentence, your brain is wired to do a double-take. The devilish virus has snatched so much from us, especially the joy of partying and concerts. But 2022 is the year we finally head towards normalcy, because something big is coming your way – the Majulah Live x It’s a Rap concert on March 19!

Some of the biggest names of Singapore’s local music scene will be performing, like ShiGGa Shay, YUNG RAJA, Jon Chua JX, and more, along with acts by Singapore’s top comedians! So expect laughter to fill the air, some hard-hitting bars to fill your ears, and nothing but happiness and joy all around! 

Majulah Live: Line-up
Just look at the line-up! Nothing can beat this!

Hosted by comedians Fakkah Fuzz, Jacky Ng, and Qamarul Haziq, this magnificent “party” line-up includes: AE$OP CA$H, Fariz Jabba, FEEZ, Jon Chua JX, Joy Alexis, Rangga Jones, RRILEY, ShiGGa Shay, Sheikh Haikal, and YUNG RAJA!

It’s so special that so many of Singapore’s top performers and rising stars come together for this event. It’s like standing in solidarity in this tough time to bring smiles to the people of Singapore. (Man, we need that.) We have also been promised some surprise guests, so keep an eye out! 

Majulah Live: Jon Chua
Man’s rocking the shades.

The fabulous music director of Majulah Live x It’s a Rap is none other than Jon Chua JX, one of the members of The Sam Willows and co-founder and creative director of Zendyll Records! He shared with us more about how this idea came about in an interview!

Kelvin Goh, director of Red Spade Entertainment, often does large-scale music festivals, and he had reached out to Jon to book some artists from his label for ‘It’s a Rap’. Jon found out the show was being held in March, and he was instantly down to do this with Kelvin. 

They then reached out to Base Entertainment, Singapore’s leading live entertainment company that hosts a multitude of wondrous shows at the Sands Theatre, for this show. Jon shared the significance of hosting Majulah Live x It’s a Rap in this theatre, as the first-ever show held since the pandemic began. (Side note: the theatre is gorgeous.)

Jon pointed out that choosing to hold this show live (instead of online, thank goodness) was a way of rekindling the memories of the times we would go to concerts with our friends. From the excitement of booking the tickets and making plans for the before and after of the show, to deciding what to wear and walking into the venue with anticipation and exhilaration, keeping you in jitters!

He wanted to bring that experience back. Surely it must be daunting to lead the first offline concert in Singapore. Right? The genius response from Jon: “I’m only afraid of getting a fine.” For the sake of Jon’s bank account, let’s keep to all SMM guidelines, everyone!

Of course amongst the performances, I’m sure we’re already counting down to witness Jon himself is performing. “I’m bringing the old-school rock guitar, John Mayer thing back,” he shared. Please do!

Majulah Live: AE$OP CA$H
Okay, we see you AE$OP CA$H. We see you!

Now onto the tea! We realise that many of Singapore’s top and rising artists will be performing. This might be me going all Sherlock Holmes, but there has to be a catch! Special stages? Surprise guests? What will we see on 19 March? Jon did us a service and spilt some of the piping hot tea!

While he divulged that special guests would be coming, we still needed to do some detective work. And Jon gave us the code to crack – “You can make a guess lah, like which artists are performing, who they’re associated with, who we could pull on stage, and you might hear some styles or see some artists that you haven’t seen in a while.”. I see, I see! Detective hats on, boys and girls!

Majulah Live: YUNG RAJA
Spice Boy’s got some poses! And those pearly whites!

The show will be held on Saturday, 19 March at 8pm, and will last two hours with no intermission. Two hours of music and entertainment – that’s how you deserve to spend your Saturday night!

Book your tickets now, because they’re selling out fast! Ticket prices range from S$58 to S$138. For more information, check out the Majulah Fest website, Instagram and Facebook pages.

It’s so exciting to see our tight-knit community of entertainers coming together for a one-night extravaganza! From the pioneers to up-and-coming stars, Singapore’s entertainment scene has seen a massive evolution like no other. This night serves as a reminder to support and cherish our own local pool of talent. In every way possible, this concert is historic and marks a significant milestone for our entertainment industry! We are so excited to see them finally in action in the presence of a live audience! 

Do check out our interview with Jon Chua JX on our Instagram page, and our exclusive game-style interview with two representatives of Majulah Live’s stellar line-up, AE$OP CA$H and YUNG RAJA! The entertainment has already begun!

Visuals courtesy of Base Entertainment Asia, Russell Goh & Zendyll Music.

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