Dream Cruises Redefines Christmas Wonderland With New ‘Nordic Christmas’ Theme!

I have a question for you: what’s better than going on a cruise? Going on a Christmas-themed cruise, of course! The holiday season is already upon us, which is absolutely shocking to me, because didn’t 2021 just begin? Regardless, Dream Cruises promises a beautiful time aboard the World Dream cruise with a wondrous Nordic Christmas theme! From the gorgeous decorations and a delightful Christmas Market to exclusive performances, the cruise holds so many surprises for all of us who wish to elevate our holiday celebrations this year. And you do not want to miss them!

Dream Cruises Nordic Christmas Adventure: Lumière
Dancing with nobody? Same.

Let’s start with the glorious performances. There was an opening show, Lumière, by comedian Txema Muñoz! Sort of like taking on the style of a silent movie, Txema doesn’t say a single word throughout the act. Yet, he so effortlessly delivered to us his emotions through the universal languages of comedy and magic! As he awaits his train at the station, he transports himself (and us) to a world of excellent comical timing and audience participation that makes us forget all of our worries! 

I simply cannot fathom just how long Txema must have practised this for! Every little detail was executed perfectly, with enchanting magic tricks scattered throughout the act, which were in perfect symphony with the show. Txema Muñoz is so talented, and the entire show stands testament to his passion for his craft. I loved it!

Dream Cruises Nordic Christmas Adventure: Jolly Holly
I don’t know what it is about this picture, but it just screams ‘holiday spirit’ (and ‘oh no, please don’t fall’)!

Just when you think one spectacular show is enough, Dream Cruises surprises you with another: Jolly Holly! This one is a 45-minute production exclusive to the World Dream. It’s got everything – singing, acting, dancing, acrobatics, and of course, all the emotions! This theatrical showpiece uses no words as well. With the power of music, dance and acting, this show brings you on an adventure!

A young boy receives some dolls and figurines as presents on Christmas morning, but appears to dislike them. Soon, a Fairy Godmother arrives and brings the toys to life! The young boy watches them, dances with them and has so much fun with them. Some performances are so wholesome. Some make you have fun with the actors. But some give you goosebumps. There was ring dancing, both aerial and on the ground, and my eyes never once left the stage! It was a huge honour to be in the same room as such talented people.

Dream Cruises Nordic Christmas Adventure: Acrobatics
I feel like I have to hold my breath just looking at this photograph! Beautiful!

There is also a Nordic Art Lab where your creativity and artistic skills take the limelight. This is your time to shine! In one of these handicraft workshops, I got to make my very own Nordic Christmas Ornament. But there’s something more. But if you’re a fan of the hit Korean show that’s being raved about all over the world, Squid Game, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The Red Soldiers run the entire workshop. But don’t worry! You will exit the cruise completely unscathed! These are the nicest Red Soldiers ever. 

Your task is to design an ornament for your Christmas tree using the materials provided! It’s an enjoyable activity that brings your mind at ease and gives little tots something to do, if you are coming on board with kids. Doing this activity together as a family is a great way to bond together and craft some wonderful memories! 

Dream Cruises Nordic Christmas Adventure: Ornament-making
I worked really hard on my ornament; it was still terrible. But huge kudos to everyone else who did such an outstanding job!

And finally, I present to you the Nordic market! From aged wine to gingerbread houses, there is so much for you to choose from to either enjoy as a treat on the cruise, or take home as a souvenir! 

One of the staff members present shared that the giant gingerbread house was highly recommended, and we thoroughly concurred. It would make a wonderful photo to share on your Instagram to burn others with envy, and it also looks scrumptious! It’s also a mighty size to share with your family. It’s a win-win-win!

Dream Cruises Nordic Christmas Adventure: Nordic Market
Disclaimer: Coming to the Nordic market on an empty stomach will make you drool like crazy!

There’s so much more in the Nordic market that will make your midnight snacks sinful! 

All the way till 1 January 2022, the Dream Cruises’ World Dream will be adorned in this magical theme, with the aforementioned special performances for your entertainment and appreciation every night. Make your bookings right now, while you can still use your SingapoRediscover vouchers before the year ends! Do also check out some of their exciting offers for your next voyage!

Dream Cruises Nordic Christmas Adventure: Instructor
Let me leave you with this sneak peek of what’s to come aboard the World Dream. It will be nothing like the actual show, I promise!

May the holiday season present you with the togetherness of family and friends, the light of a million stars and the happiness of a gazillion lifetimes. And I hope you have a Jolly Holly good time aboard the World Dream from Dream Cruises! 

Photos by Wong Hui Yi of the DANAMIC Team.

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