Scratching that Shopping Itch: 10 Coolest Items on Shopee You Never Knew Existed!

Ladies and gents, the holy month of June has commenced (gee, that rhymed!), and you know what that means – the fiesta of sales have begun, or at least it’s about to! 

I’m sure we all quiver at our knees when we hear or see the word ‘Sale’, and I’m no exception at all. I live for sales – to feel that satisfaction of buying something I’ve been eyeing forever, just to save some money, even if it is just a few dollars.

With 6.6 and the annual shopping celebration, the Great Singapore Sale, I feel the need to help you and guide you for your next shopping spree! It’s indeed unfortunate that due to COVID-19 (which has infuriatingly still not seen itself out), we aren’t able to go ham at our favourite retail stores. Nonetheless, all hail online shopping sites!

Today, I have a list of 10 of the coolest items you could find on one of our favourite e-commerce platforms, Shopee! These are items that straight-up dropped my jaw, and I hope will drop yours too. They are all rather affordable with some basic delivery fees, should you opt for express delivery. But of course, with the sales, we can all hope for the prices to get even lower! I also chose the listings with the most products sold or best reviews, wherever applicable, to provide you with the best options for a stress-free shopping experience. 

Here are the items that I have placed in three core categories – Aesthetics, Practical, and Stay Clean. And I can’t see a better way to start us off than this saying – you know I have to. 

This one my Shopee haul.

Live Aesthetics

1. Magnetic Key-Holder

Shopee Sale Guide: Magnetic Key-Holder
Aesthetic and useful? That means it’s definitely a must-have item in your home!

What good is a plain ol’ key ring for you to simply hang your keys, when you can let them levitate! Okay, technically, it’s Science in action with the magnetic strip which attracts the ring of your keys, allowing them to dangle. But still! I added this to my cart as soon as I saw it. It comes in the shape of a cloud in four different colours, and I promise you it will look adorable on your wall and will have your guests amused as ever. The ratings are a solid 5 out of 5, and reviews share that the magnet is powerful and successfully holds a lot of weight. Yay, Science!

2. LED Wall Clock

Shopee Sale Guide: Clock
A colourful addition to enliven your room even more!

A room with a cool clock is a cool room. And this, my friends, is a very cool LED wall clock. You can choose between the 12-hour and 24-hour formats with an alarm option! Yes, your cool clock on the wall is your alarm clock! It can easily brighten a room, but it also has a night mode, making the interface dimmer for a more peaceful sleep.

It comes with three levels of luminance. It functions with a USB cable (comes with the package) or a DC adaptor. With a 4.7 out of 5 rating and super light price tag, I think you should give this cool clock a chance!

3. LED Fairy Lights

Shopee Sale Guide: LED Lights
A unique and gorgeous use of fairy lights

Wait, you didn’t think I would talk about ‘Aesthetic’ items without some fairy lights, right? But what’s so mind-blowing about these? The price tag. They’re not even $2! Seems too good to be true? Well, that’s not what the 4.9 ratings say! Anyway, I feel that these are such a steal, and you should snag them while you can.

There are only a million things you can do with fairy lights! Line them along the edge of your ceiling, along the walls, outline your mirrors to feel like a celebrity every day, put them in a clear jar for a creative and beautiful night light, or use them as a prop for your next photoshoot! Aren’t the possibilities endless?

Hopefully, they do last you long, but even if they don’t, you’ll have a good run with them with barely $2 spent. I’d say that’s a win-win!

Be Practical

4. Smart Digital Notebook

Shopee Sale Guide: Smart Digital NoteBook
This is the kit you will receive. You are now ready to change the world!

Where does paper come from? Trees – we all know that, don’t we? The very trees are also living things and are chopped down and killed just so we have some paper to write on, which we will later throw away. Isn’t that a little cruel? It’s time we move forward with the times and start throwing away some habits instead. Hence, this smart notebook may just be your next best friend. 

So this is your typical notebook, but not quite. When you use the special pen that comes with your very special notebook, you can digitise your notes via the affiliated app. This allows you to save your notes in your choice of platforms, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and e-mail.

When you have saved your notes, use the towel given to you, moisten it, and wipe the page clean. You are now ready for your next set of notes! With its 4.8 rating, I feel like this is an investment worth making for a better future for yourself, your household, and your planet. Your home

5. Electric USB Lighter

Shopee Sale Guide: Electric Lighter
An electric lighter? Welcome to the future!

Do you have a favourite candle that has been running out, and you want to use every bit of it, but your current lighter almost burns your skin every time you try? I have the perfect invention for you – behold! A long, electric lighter!

It’s flame-free, hassle-free, and a much safer option for when you light your candles and when you need it for the stove in the kitchen. Unlike lighters which eventually can’t be used when their fluid runs out, an electric USB lighter can be charged as and when you deem fit!

This, and the 4.9 ratings, promises longer life and greater worth for the money spent. For your zen hours with your candles in your room, this electric lighter might just be your lifesaver!

6. Wireless Desktop Vacuum

Shopee Sale Guide: Wireless Desktop Vacuum
Never knew I needed one till I saw it. What about you?

Technology is indeed great, but it’s even greater when you can use it for the smallest of tasks. You use a vacuum to clean the floor with ease, but now you can use a mini vacuum to clean your desk with ease! After a meal, or after some snacking when some crumbs drop, or just your not-so-regular bedroom clean-up, and you finally decide to clean off the dusty shelves, this vacuum has got your back!

While there are only six reviews and a 4.0 rating to back up the worth of this item, I still think it’s worth the shot, given how handy it is. It also comes in two adorable colours to add a pop of colour to your room.

7. 2-in-1 Bag Sealer and Cutter

Shopee Sale Guide: Bag Sealer
Your chips will never go soggy again!

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I failed to seal a bag of snacks properly after opening it, and they got all soggy and gross. I’m sure we’ve all been there. But that’s nothing a 2-in-1 bag sealer can’t solve. Not just a sealer, it also increases convenience with the cutter that comes with it! Now you can easily open and close a bag of chips without any struggle! Being rated 4.5 out of 5, I feel that this potential investment deserves a chance!

Stay Clean

8. Dry Soap Sheets

Shopee Sale Guide: Dry Soap Sheets
Soap that handily fits in your purse or pocket – now that is moving forward with the times

In this time, our personal hygiene has never mattered more. We are constantly reminded to keep our hands clean by washing them with soap or sanitising them. I surely can’t be the only one who has been caught in public restrooms without soap.

This unbelievably affordable item with a 4.8 rating has to be your new must-have in your purses and pockets. The item? Soap in paper form. Each pack comes with 20 dry soap sheets for 20 washes. Just grab one, run it under some water in your palm, and rub! Safety and cleanliness don’t have to be difficult!

9. Dishwashing Soap Pump for Sponges

Shopee Sale Guide: Dish soap Dispenser
Maybe this will finally get us to be happy to do the dishes

In my home, we recycle old Tupperware to store our sponges which we leave in a pool of soap. It’s not the most ideal or the most convenient and even wastes the product at times. But this soap pump is simply perfect. And it has a 4.6 rating too! Just pour your favourite dishwashing liquid into the container and cover it with the lid. When you need some soap, press down the sponge on the lid like you would a regular hand soap, and voila! So simple, yet so useful and so neat!

10. UV Steriliser Box

Shopee Sale Guide: UV Steriliser Box
Add ‘UV Steriliser Box’ to the list of things the pandemic made me buy

Given the current circumstances of our world right now, it’s truly better to be safe than sorry. If anyone had told me that I would be looking at UV Sterilisers for home at the beginning of the decade, I would be laughing my pants off. But today, not so much. You never know what you’re touching and where it spreads.

Hence, sterilising everyday items that you bring out of your home is always a good precaution. This particular one fits your mobile phone, spectacles and sunglasses, wallets, coins, dollar bills, etc. It can also easily be charged with a USB cable. It sure doesn’t have a 4.9 rating for no reason! I’m sure we have often discussed what is here to stay after COVID-19 leaves, and I’m guessing we all said ‘Sanitisation’. It begins here.

Rounding It Up

Do note that these are items we genuinely found interesting and wanted to share, though we have not bought or used any of these items ourselves (but might soon), so your mileage may vary.

Nonetheless, I really hope I’ve given you some incredible items to add to your cart to try out! Some of these simply blew my mind, as I hope they did yours too. The sales are coming in hot, and they wait for no man! So be sure to snag your favourites while you still can!

The situation surrounding it-that-shall-not-be-named, has surely been difficult and restricting. It may not be the most ideal time to go shopping, but never let your creativity rest! While these are merely ten items, you can look for many more that will make staying home enjoyable. Cheap thrills, am I right?

Take care of yourselves, and I wish you the happiest of shopping sprees, and the cheapest of sales!

Visuals via Shopee and are copyright of their respective owners.

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