Dell U3219Q Monitor Review: Ultrasharp and ultra-versatile

Monitors are slowly shedding the notion of being a simple screen for your desktop or laptop. Now, monitors are equipped with various features to fit the needs of different types of people. Dell’s U3219Q monitor is one that caters to consumers who are looking for something business-centric.

Unsurprisingly, this monitor also follows the trademarked Dell design; an unstated space-grey finish that extends from the back of the monitor all the way to the mount. It lacks the flashiness that some monitor designs, especially ones that are more gaming-centric have, but nevertheless it is an aesthetic that fits it well with most home offices.

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The stand itself is relatively sturdy, which is a good thing for a monitor of this size. There’s very little give with adjusting the monitor angle, but it does wobble slightly when you try to pivot it from a horizontal position to a vertical one.

At the back, you’ll have quite a substantial port selection, with the one special inclusion – AC Power Connector, DisplayPort, HDMI port, Audio line out, five USB ports (one upstream, two downstream and two charging-capable), and a USB-C port.

The USB-C port, in particular, is one not seen much in monitors but certainly a welcome addition. With USB-C ports now starting to be a commonality in laptops, particularly for MacBooks, it allows you to plug in and use seamlessly while also having charging capabilities equipped; a huge convenience maker for people who have to routinely have to travel around and use their laptop.

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As hinted before, the monitor is huge. It is a 32-inch display and one that takes up a good amount of space, especially if you factor in the fact that it can swivel vertically. The bezels around the display a relatively thin which enhances the overall sleek look of the design. The On-Screen Display (OSD) controls are located at the bottom right of the monitor and use actual physical buttons instead of touch-sensitive ones, which is great because now you won’t have to fumble around to adjust your settings.

The display comes in at a 3840 x 2160 resolution, meaning that you can view 4K content on the monitor. When you do get your hands on 4K content, this monitor delivers. Your eyes will feast on the sharp image quality and excellent colour vibrancy provided by the monitor. This is due in part to the HDR capabilities offered, split into four categories: desktop, gaming, movie, and reference.

Each category fits its use, though you should stick to using it for what it is primarily for. For example, using the Movie HDR mode for just simple internet browsing is uncomfortable due to the exaggerated contrast.

In general, though this monitor is advertised to be used more for office work, it works well for all manner of use. Editing work is near perfect for this monitor due to the excellent SDR color gamut offered. The Dell U3219Q is advertised to have a 99 percent Adobe RGB coverage, and it shows when it was used to edit our videos and photographs. 

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Gaming is also good, especially when the Game HDR mode is enabled. It adds a little extra “oomph” to visually striking games like Borderlands 3, bringing out the bright colours and setting good dark tones. It could be the perfect monitor for your gaming needs if it weren’t for the fact that it only has a 60 Hz refresh rate. Casual gamers may not mind it or even notice it but it is important to have a 144 Hz refresh display for people who play competitive games.

An additional mark against it being a truly multi-purpose monitor is the fact that it lacks a speaker. You’ll have to rely on your laptop’s speakers if you want to hear the sound for those with portable computers, but those who want to use it as a display for their desktop or their game consoles would need to find an external speaker, adding more to the costs.

The Dell U3219Q monitor is not hiding that it is a premium monitor, especially when you look at the price. However, when you factor in the many uses that the monitor is capable of, that price starts to look more justifiable. Productivity is what it specialises in and you get that in droves. What prevents it from being the perfect monitor for everyone is a few features that were left out. Nonetheless, you’d be hard-pressed to find another monitor as versatile as this.

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

Dell U3219Q





  • Vibrant and sharp 4K display
  • USB-C convenience
  • Versatility


  • No in-built speaker
  • Lack of 144Hz refresh rate

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