Sabrina Carpenter Got Fans Screaming All Night Long

11 April 2019 marked singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter’s first-ever live performance in Singapore. Held at the Kallang Theatre, her debut concert in Singapore was part of her Singular Tour – titled after her third studio album Singular Act: I.

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Sabrina’s show started only slightly later from its stipulated timing – which is rather rare for concerts. As her band took to the stage, they were met with resounding screams from the fans gathered at the theatre. The screams peaked once Sabrina and her dancers were in full view, and it stayed that way for most of Almost Love, the first song on the night’s setlist – you could just barely hear Sabrina over the deafening screams.

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During the second song – Bad Time – Sabrina asked fans to get on their feet and groove along to the music. That was all it took to send her friends into a frenzy. The theatre instantly became a mosh pit as fans in the front rows rushed to the front of the stage, and everyone who were seated in the stalls followed suit. Unfortunately, it was short lived as the security had to usher fans back to their seats a couple of songs later, stating that it was for safety reasons.

Sabrina had a couple of talking segments with her fans throughout her performance. She expressed her gratitude to her fans and then went on to talk about how she has seen the tremendous love and support she gets from them. “Hey there Singapore! This is my first time in Singapore…I see y’all on the Internet and I can feel that same love in the room tonight.”

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Some of her talking segments were for leading up to the next song. For instance, Sabrina asked the crowd to raise their hands if they believe in aliens. As alien noises were played through the speakers, Sabrina jokingly said “There are aliens in Singapore? They didn’t tell me that. That’s crazy!” before performing Alien.

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Mona Lisa was undoubtedly a crowd favourite! A fan shouted, “Sing it again!” once Sabrina was done with the number, which brought on cheers of agreement from others. Sabrina – who seemed taken aback by the request – said that she had never sung the same song twice in any of her shows. However, her band started to play the intro tune to Mona Lisa and so, Sabrina ended up singing the song a second time – albeit only until the end of the first chorus. Other crowd favourites were Diamonds Are Forever and prfct.

The live performance also had its mellow moments, like during Sabrina’s stripped version of All We Have Is Love and when she played her guitar during Paris. She then went on to sing Hold Tight, even sharing a moment with her backup singer and sister Sarah Carpenter during the bridge of the song.

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Fans were also in for a treat as Sabrina performed Pushing 20, a track from her upcoming studio album, Singular Act: II. But it was her encore song that really got fans frenzied. Unlike Pushing 20, which had a music video that was released in March, Exhale had yet to be released anywhere – only those who attended the show got to hear it first. Decked in her oversized hoodie and jeans, she performed the slow yet captivating number before ending her show.

Throughout the show, Sabrina emitted a captivating stage presence that demanded attention. The release details of Singular Act: II have yet to be released, but I sure hope that Sabrina will be making another stop in Singapore for her tour when it does.

Sabrina Carpenter The Singular Tour – Live in Singapore Concert Setlist

1.    Almost Love
2.   Bad Time
3.   Alien
4.   Mona Lisa
5.   Diamonds Are Forever
6.   Diamonds (Rihanna cover)
7.   Thumbs
8.   On Purpose
9.   Pushing 20
10. All We Have Is Love
11. Why
12. Prfct
13. Paris
14. Hold Tight
15. Sue Me


16. Exhale

Visuals courtesy of LAMC Productions.

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