Neon Pigeon Introduces A New Menu For The New Year

Located along the colourful Keong Saik Road, Neon Pigeon, a Japanese bar-restaurant is a popular spot for the working crowd to chill on a Friday night. The eatery is named after the neon lights seen on Tokyo streets and the pigeon that is often seen in city streets — a fitting name for its strong urban and underground vibes.

Neon Pigeon has introduced new dishes for 2019. DANAMIC provides you with a tantalising list of recommendations on the dishes you can try during your next night out. For both the mains and the sides, you are also given the option of small or regular, to cater to different appetites.

Side Dishes

Tokyo Hummus

Tokyo Hummus (S$9/S$16) is not a new dish on the menu, but it is definitely one of the most popular dishes in Neon Pigeon. If you make a visit there it is one of the must-tries. The hummus is made of edamame paired up with crispy curry chips. The edamame is very well seasoned and has a spicy finish with dry chilli flakes sprinkled on it. When paired with the curry chips, this side dish is addictive.

Fried Chicken Wings

Neon Pigeon - Fried Chicken Wings

This is Neon Pigeon’s creative take on the classic fried chicken wings (S$18/S$34). The crispy fried chicken wings are richly flavoured with burnt miso and garlic dressing, and then paired with preserved carrots. The appetising preserved carrots balance out the strong flavour of the chicken wings.

Main Dishes

Tuna Sashimi Donburi

Neon Pigeon - Tuna Sashimi Donburi

The tuna sashimi donburi (S$16/S$30) is served with the healthier choice of brown rice and toppings of sweet potato, ramen egg and sunflower seeds. The sunflower seeds add a level of crunchiness to the whole dish that makes it all the more appetizing.

Golden Curry Rice

Neon Pigeon - Golden Curry Rice

The Golden Curry Rice (S$17/S$32) is not only tasty but also good for the ‘Gram. The curry is evenly distributed with the rice, with pink cauliflowers on the side and an egg yolk in the middle. When the gooey egg yolk is mixed in, the whole dish becomes more fragrant. To top it off, the Golden Curry Rice is vegetarian, so non-meat eaters can enjoy it too.


Bonsai 2.0

Neon Pigeon - Bonsai 2.0

True to its name, Bonsai 2.0 is made to look like the plant. It is made of Valrhona chocolate mousse, matcha soil and honeycomb crisps. Besides its splendid appearance, the different textures of the rich mousse, crunchy matcha soil and honeycomb crisps add a level of sophistication to the dessert, delivering immense levels of satisfaction with each helping.

Neon Pigeon
Venue: 1 Keong Saik Rd, 089109
Opening Hours: 6pm-12am (Mondays to Saturdays)
For more information, visit https://www.neonpigeonsg.com/

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