AIA Glow Festival 2019: 5 Questions With Rudimental & Lost Frequencies

Come May, Exceed Sports & Entertainment will be organising the AIA Glow Festival 2019.

The inaugural AIA Glow Festival will be held in Sentosa Island and it is an energising wellness and music festival. The festival will give you an experience to fully relax away from Singapore’s breakneck-pace lifestyle; an ultimate festival for you to unwind as it brings you activities that will nourish and revitalise your body, mind, and soul.

Before we get to our interview with Rudimental and Lost Frequencies, these are the four elements that constitute for AIA Glow Festival 2019: YOGA, RUN, FEAST, and MUSIC.


AIA Glow Festival: Laura Kasperzak
AIA Glow Festival: Marysia Do
Laura Kasperzak (top) and Marysia Do (bottom)

AIA Glow Festival has invited celebrity yoga teachers, Marysia Do and Laura Kasperzak to conduct classes during the festival. Aside from this, festival-goers can explore up to 22 different yoga styles and more than 30 yoga classes specially curated by Pure Yoga.


AIA Glow Festival: Fun Run Map
The route for the Fun Run.

A 5KM charity fun run will be held at the festival; for every participant completing the run, AIA will donate S$10 to the AIA Centennial Fund that goes to benefit more than a hundred families from Children’s Wishing Well.


AIA Glow Festival: Don Ho

Indulge yourself in a healthy, delectable gastronomical twist on festival food at AIA Glow Festival. There are 9 food vendors for the event; spearheading this list are Don Ho, JUJU Bar, The
Açaí Collective, amongst many others.


AIA Glow Festival: Nina Nesbitt
AIA Glow Festival: The Sam Willows
Nina Nesbitt (top) and The Sam Willows (bottom).

International music acts Rudimental, Lost Frequencies and Nina Nesbitt will be performing at the festival. The local pop quartet, The Sam Willows, will also take the stage to wow all festival-goers with an exhilarating show.

Belgian DJ and producer Lost Frequencies has made a name for himself within the global Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre, remixing and producing for some of the biggest names in music; with official remixes for Major Lazer and Justin Bieber. He has also performed at festivals such as Tomorrowland and EDC Las Vegas.

Rudimental is an award-winning English drum and bass band who have found international success with hits like “Deep in the Valley” and “Feel the Love” in 2012, which topped charts all over the world. The band has been on a roll ever since, touring the world and landing highly-sought-after writing gigs for artists such as Ed Sheeran.

Below are excerpts from our interview with both Rudimental and Lost Frequencies as they revealed more about themselves; with topics spanning from what inspires their music to how they handle the exhaustion of touring hundreds of countries for their shows.  


1. You guys had a lot of collaborations for your latest album, “A Toast to our Differences”. What was the inspiration behind the album? Which was the song you guys enjoyed producing the most?

AIA Glow Festival: Rudimental

When we started writing this record, there was (and still is) a lot of divisive politics going on in the UK and the world at large. Rudimental is all about love and celebration of cultures coming together, so we wanted to write an album that reflects that and hopefully brings people together. ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ featuring Maverick Sabre, and YEBBA is a really important song for us – we were inspired by our National Health Service. It is very much a moment when we play it!

2. Are there any plans to include a permanent vocalist in your band’s line-up in the future? Why?

We obviously never want to see our vocalists leave us! But what is so great about performing with Rudimental is that these artists get to use us as a platform to hone their craft whilst being part of a family. We’ll always set them free to achieve their own goals ultimately. We have had a lot of our previous vocalists going onto their own success – for example MNEK, Ella Eyre, Sinead Hartnett, and Becky Hill. It actually inspired us to start our record label, Major Toms and our first signing was Anne-Marie. So when they leave they’re still part of the Rudimental family; just in a different capacity!

3. What was it like performing at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK?

It was a dream come true – we never thought we would ever play at such an iconic venue in our hometown. What made it even more special was doing it for such an amazing cause. Whatever we can do to raise awareness for these charities is very important to us.

4. It will be your second time performing in Singapore this May! What do you like about your fans here in Singapore, and what can we expect this time?

There is always so much energy in Asia. We love our Singapore fans. We’re going to bring you one big party!

5. Touring and travelling across countries must be exhausting. What do you do to keep your physical and mental health in check while you’re touring?

It’s hard work, but it makes it easier because we love doing what we do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! It helps that we are one big family so when it gets tough for any of us we are always there for each other. Obviously, exercise is key too – need to get those endorphins going!

Lost Frequencies

1. Tell us more about your breakthrough hit Are You With Me: What were you inspired by when you produce this single?

Lost Frequencies’ latest track,

When I first started producing, I was remixing mainly, experimenting with tracks I like and learning that way. I really liked Easton Corbin’s ‘Are You With Me’ which was a slower, more mellow country track and the vocal was what really stood out to me. I wondered how that would sound with a house or tropical beat, what different feeling could I give to the track whilst still keeping its originality? That is how my version of ‘Are You With Me’ was born.

2. Was being a DJ something you always wanted to do?

No, never! I studied Economics before I was lucky enough to go into this profession, a crazy dream that is now my reality!

3. Are there any music festivals or locations that you would like to perform sometime soon?

I would love to go back to Coachella, definitely! I also think that Fuji Rock in Japan looks amazing every year!

4. Touring and travelling across countries must be exhausting. What do you do to keep your physical and mental health in check while you’re touring?

AIA Glow Festival: Lost Frequencies

I have a great team on the road with me which is very important, and I stay in touch with my friends and family back home almost every day. Physically, I don’t lift weights or anything in the gym specifically, but I do enjoy being active – water sports, skiing at Tomorrowland Winter, and basketball games in Miami are just some of the ways I have stayed active on the road recently. It’s always more fun in the sun!

5. About a year ago, Avicii (Tim Bergling) passed away tragically, and his suicide shed some light on the music industry. Have you ever experienced burnout? What are some pieces of advice you can give to aspiring DJs out there?

I haven’t had a burnout but my first years were definitely a bit overwhelming at some times. I went from being virtually unknown, to have a number one record and playing shows in the triple figures. There were all these great opportunities, and I didn’t want to so say no to any of them. Now I’ve learned you have to sometimes find balance. For any aspiring DJ, I would say listen to your body and mind equally, know what you’re committing to and have a great team around you that has your best interest at heart. Mental health is so important and just as important as physical health, and I’m really glad that many musicians in the industry and beyond in music are talking about their issues and experiences.

AIA Glow Festival 2019
Date: 25th May 2019
Time: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Venue: Palawan Green Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098997
The tickets to Glow Festival 2019 are priced from SGD$19. For more information, visit: https://glowfestival.sg/

Visuals courtesy of AIA Glow Festival.

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