THE ALCHEMIST CODE x Etrain Odyssey Collaboration Arrives!

gumi Inc, a mobile entertainment content publisher and developer based in Tokyo, has announced a crossover collaboration with their Strategy Role-Playing game, THE ALCHEMIST CODE, and Atlus’s Dungeon Role-Playing game, Etrian Odyssey!

From 4 to 24 April 2019, players can summon unique characters based on the popular franchise.



A Brouni Shaman from Arcania, which is located in the world of the great world tree Yggdrasil. Although perceived as weak by many, Shaman’s greatest strength is how they support their comrades in battle by healing wounds and enhancing defense.



An Earthlain Harbinger from Arcania, which is located in the world of the great world tree Yggdrasil. Always cool and collected, Harbinger never lets down their guard. Their miasma and scythe attack combo is deadly to their enemies.



A Sovereign from Armoroad who is investigating the labyrinth. An energetic and charismatic person, they can lift their comrades’ spirits with a song or just a word. People naturally flock to them because of this.



A Protector from Etria who is investigating the labyrinth. Brave and passionate about justice, Protector cannot ignore anyone who needs help. In battle, they will protect their comrades with everything they have, including their own body.]

Additionally, two special THE ALCHEMIST CODE characters can be summoned by players on their own Etrain Odyssey game:

Special Character #1: Dragoon Chloe

Dragoon Chloe

Chloe was summoned when the two worlds crossed over, and influenced by both Arcania and Babel. The form that she inherited was more strongly influenced by that of an adventurer from Arcania than a member of the knighthood, and she is also able to use the adventurer’s powers.

Special Character #2: Dancer Shenmei

Dancer Shenmei

Thanks to the two worlds being linked, when Shenmei was summoned, she was influenced by both the city of Tharsis and the continent of Babel. As such, instead of her usual pirate appearance, she has the appearance of a certain adventurer from Tharsis and can use their abilities.

Unlock each class’s Master Abilities with their respective collaborative gear:

  • Protector Shield
  • Sovereign Scepter
  • Shaman’s Sacrifice Ritual
  • Harbinger’s Doom Scythe
  • Fencer’s Light Metal Rapier
  • Gunner Rifle

Here are the two new original collaboration quests that players can experience:

Story quest

Quest 1

Harbinger and Shaman were summoned alongside Fencer to Babel by the enigmatic Ouroboros to quell hordes of monsters that have never been seen before. During their search for these monsters, they heard rumors of a black female knight defeating these monsters. Worst of all, she had attacked the local knights too. Is this black knight a friend or foe? Can these adventurers protect Babel from this monster invasion?

Quest 2

A mysterious voice was heard beckoning for help. In a flash of light, The trio of Protector, Sovereign and Gunner were suddenly teleported from their world to Babel. Unable to ignore the call for help, they set out together to find the origin behind this voice. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic causing green bruises on the skin has swept over a nearby village. Was their summoning linked to this epidemic?

Upon completion of Etrain Odyssey Collaboration Quests, players will receive two characters, Fencer and Gunner as rewards.

Finally, for a limited time, players will get a chance to summon the unique Etrian Odyssey Collaboration Memento — Crossroad of Destiny. Players will get to unlock special abilities when they equip this Collaboration Memento with Etrian Odyssey characters.

The collaboration would mark the seventh time that THE ALCHEMIST CODE has had with another franchise, which also includes Brave Frontier, Final Fantasy XV and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This would also mark the first collaboration between gumi Inc and Atlus, in which the latter also owns the popular Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Perhaps we might see characters from these franchises in the future?

THE ALCHEMIST CODE is a free-to-play app available through the App Store, Google Play and on the Amazon App Store. For more information, visit the official site at https://alchemistcode.com/

Visuals courtesy of gumi Asia

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