Light to Night Festival 2019 Brings Intimate & Thought-Provoking Art and Historical Encounters

Light to Night Festival is back for its third year, and it presents the Singapore Art Week edition and the Singapore Bicentennial edition. Spearheaded by National Gallery Singapore, the Light to Night Festival will span across a period of six weeks to bring close to 50 programmes and immerse audiences in an adventure filled with thought-provoking art and historical encounters.

Light to Night: Gallery

Themed Traces and Echoes, visitors are invited to go beyond the role of a visual spectator to one who interprets art and history with their five senses.

Light to Night: First Edition

The first edition – as a marquee event of Singapore Art Week – presents works of art which were inspired by personal stories and memories. Visitors can expect their five senses to be delighted by the installations and programmes within and around the National Gallery Singapore, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) and Esplanade Park.

Here are some of the highlights from the Light to Night Festival held this year:

The Odyssey

Light to Night: Cover

The biggest facade light show in Singapore – Art Skins on Monuments – returns with a new commission. Titled The Odyssey, it is based on an original storyline co-developed with Brandon Tay and Safuan Johari, together with multimedia illustrations and digital content by 14 other artists. Follow the artistic voyage of an explorer who traverses across seven facades of cultural institutions and sojourns the worlds of duality in search of his identity. Visitors can also be immersed in this journey by activating an interactive wall using sound and movement at the Gallery’s Padang Atrium.

Sensorial Trail

Light to Night: Sensorial Trail

Sensorial Trail, a commissioned series of intimate art encounters with smell, sound and touch, will challenge new forms of sensory relationships at National Gallery Singapore.

Light to Night: Sensorial Tour (2)

Sensorial Trail includes works such as ‘eau d’you Who Am I’ by Sissel Tolaas, ‘Voices of Time’ by Andy Chia and Tal Isaac Hadad’s ‘Listening Bodies’ and ‘Recital for Masseur’.

Light to Night: Recital

Recital for Masseur sees a group of singers and masseurs performing ephemeral acapella improvisations that arise from the kneading of body and its subsequent harmonious chorus in response.


Light to Night: Sticks

On the lawn of Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is Sticks – an outdoor art installation created by Singapore designer Sebastian Chun. His fascination with the bakau pile construction technique and memories of the popular childhood game ‘Pick Up Sticks’ are translated in his art to revive a way of life from the past, while creating space for personal and often-untold stories to unfold.

Open Books

Light to Night: Open Books

The Arts House Lawn will feature commissioned outdoor installations titled Open Books by creative collective Tell Your Children, illustrator Tan Zi Xi (MessyMsxi) and The Merry Men Works who interpret works of fantasy into life-sized installations.

Light to Night: Entrance

Admission to the Light to Night Festival is free, and it commences from 5pm until midnight. For more information, visit

Photos by Nigel Noah Chan and Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team

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