RydeX: Everything You Need to Know About The Next Private-Hire Car Service

The hotly-contested carpooling and private-hire car scene in Singapore is certainly interesting to both consumers and industry players alike. In March 2018, Grab announced acquiring Uber’s Southeast Asian operations, thus marking its almost-monopolistic position in the region’s private-hire car industry.

Just a little more than a month later, homegrown 4-year old carpooling app Ryde launched RydeX, a snark “in-your-face” move to Grab, thwarting the latter’s position for an assumed monopoly.

With Ryde’s launch of its private-hire car service – RydeX – from today (2 May 2018) onwards, consumers can rejoice as this not only means more options, but also more competition to encourage constant innovation and improvement of the private-hire car and carpooling services.

Terence Zhou, Chief Executive of Ryde, announcing the launch of the RydeX.

RydeX has introduced five differentiating features that should remind Grab never to rest on its laurels:

1. Only 10% Commission Fee Will Be Charged From Drivers

RydeX’s first step into the private-hire car service scene is backed by over 5,000 private-hire car drivers on its platform – of which, is set to triple to 15,000 in the next two to three months. The herd will also benefit from the lower commission rate of 10%, as compared to the pricier competition from JustGrab and now-defunct UberFLASH services, which take 20% commission from their drivers.

More savings for riders + more earnings for drivers = 100% win!

2. Ryde with your favourite drivers

The Ryde app gives users the option to request for a specific driver, especially so when they had previously experienced an exceptional service. Requesting for a specific driver is a great differentiating factor against the competition, as drivers who display exemplary conduct during their pickup will be credited with loyal riders – win-win for both parties!

3. Upfront fixed fares calculation

For those of us who are annoyed with random, mind-boggling surge pricing, RydeX has got our backs too. Users can look forward to upfront fixed fares calculation at the time of booking with no unexpected price surges. Surcharges and tolls such as ERP will be factored into the total fare, so we don’t get a rude shock at the end of a ride.

A user with the RydeX app’s booking UI in display.

Comparing it with its current competitor, Grab does not automatically factor in toll charges into the total bill, so it could get confusing. However, RydeX makes sure that you know how much lighter your pocket will be before you get comfy in your ryde.

On top of that, RydeX starts the ride with $8 regardless of distance, and 60 cents per kilometer thereafter.

4. A premium option with Ryde’s best drivers

For those looking for a more premium travel option from the norm, Ryde knows better than to leave them out – RydeEXEC will be launched alongside RydeX to satisfy the demand for luxury point-to-point travel. The cream of the crop – RydeEXEC drivers – are required to maintain high service ratings of at least 4.7 out of 5 to be eligible to service customers through RydeEXEC!

5. Tipping – now made possible with an optional prompt

Upholding its community-centric approach, Ryde makes it possible now for riders to tip drivers directly after a trip – a great touch to enhance the relationship between the driver and the ryde-r. Of course, Ryde does not charge additional service fees for the act of goodwill, so the intention is kept pure between the both of you!

From carpooling to private-hire, Ryde is redefining its transportation strategy.

Now that Ryde has joined the game to compete with Grab on a bigger scale, it simply means more options for all – drivers and riders alike!

The Ryde app is available for download on iOS and Android. For more information, visit

Photos by Bryan Chua of the DANAMIC Team.

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