Russell Peter’s DEPORTED World Tour: Why Singapore For The Fifth Time?

I recently got introduced to Russell Peter through his latest show, Netflix’s The Indian Detective. Entertaining and witty, Peter got me charmed.  A master of cultural lampoons, the comedian has a flair for his on-the-nose observations of racial and cultural stereotypes. The 37-year-old comedian has once again chosen the Little Red Dot for his new world tour DEPORTED, brought in by AEG Presents. It’s a one night only show held at Singapore Indoor Stadium, so don’t miss the chance to catch him this 24 February 2018!

According to the AUGUSTMAN, when asked why he chose Singapore for the fifth time, Peter answered, “Singapore is the future. It’s Chinese, Indian, Malay, Filipino and everyone else. Everyone is different and they acknowledge and embrace their differences. They get what’s funny about themselves and each other.”

Peters’ upcoming show will feature his usual boundary-pushing humour with brand-new material for this tour. Heads up to all those keen to attend, keep your wits with you as Peter’s signature spontaneity of involving audience interactions might rope you into one of his jokes! Peter’s comedic style arises from his Anglo-Indian upbringing in Canada and captivates a various audience as he pokes fun at just about everyone – including himself.

The DEPORTED world tour will also feature renowned storyteller and legendary comedian Jake Johannsen, who is also a favourite of David Letterman as well. The master of sharp wit in a conversational and relatable manner,  the American comedian never fails to keep his audience guffawing through his show.

Tickets for the 24 February show start at S$108, and are available here!

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