Throw Yourself Into An “Adventure”, In MMXJ’s Latest Soul Renewing Single

MMXJ starts his foray into 2018 with ‘Adventure’! A little different from his previous releases last year, he’s taken on a more pop-production, that illuminates the spotlight on the soulful timbre and writing, of Irish singer and song-collaborator, James Ty.

Accompanying this easily possessive track is a beautifully shot Music Video, set in the mosaic mystery of Hong Kong’s cityscape! Watch as the visuals dive into the magic of the Pearl of the Orient, delivering a kaleidoscope of day-to-day scenes and neon-lit time lapses.

The Singapore-based producer notes that with ‘Adventure’: “I wanted to convey a new sense of joy and purpose for living, reminding listeners that life was something to be cherished and lived to its individual fullest.”

This reminder shows as the song is a tasteful cocktail of feel-good optimism and sentimentalism. Taking a look at the lyrics, you’ll find a lot of comforts as James encourages you on in his entrancing voice that, you’ll be alright. It’d be a sin to not mention how masterful the drop in ‘Adventure’ truly is, as it pulls you in twice over, and finally into a reflective outro, for the shadows to burn away.

If you haven’t heard of MMXJ, he started with debut single ‘Kings’, featuring local singer-songwriter Gentle Bones, released on 25 September 2015. You can also tune into his previous releases, like ‘Find You’ which are just as entrancing!

This DJ-producer has quite the musical flexibility, as he collaborated with other artistes, including vocalists from the Mandopop world. He is even the owner of his very own label, Oceana Label – where he hopes to assist other artistes to release their music under too.

Listen to MMXJ’s single, ‘Adventure’ on iTunes and Spotify (below), now! Also, do yourself a favour and watch the Music Video (above) because boy, are the visuals in it just eye-candyful.

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