Live Healthy AND Earn Money: ManulifeMOVE Makes It Easy

We all aspire to live out healthy lifestyles – ambitious new year resolutions always include the usual “I will lose 10kg by this year” and “No McDonald’s for 1 month”. But in such an ultra-convenient, hyper-cosmopolitan city such as Singapore, healthy living can be quite the challenge. If we are only going to depend on futile app reminders to exercise bluff ourselves that will we “DEFINITELY go for a jog” after a long day at work, that #hotbod will really have to wait.

But what if there is a way to earn money while you work out? Yes seriously, what if you could receive up to $50 cashback every 6 months with walking an average of 10,000 steps a day? Cue ManulifeMOVE, a revolutionary customer rewards program that encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and gives you moolah for it.

ManulifeMOVE kicking off with the rockstar health status it should be at The Star Vista!

Why 10,000 average steps, though? Well, there’s scientific proof that walking 10,000 steps is optimal in producing healthy results for your precious body. It’s such a simple activity; we’re already doing it in our everyday lives, and now earning cashback is possible while doing it.

I’m totally in! So how do I join ManulifeMOVE?

Step 1: Check that you’re the primary life assured of at least one Manulife policy issued on or after 26 January 2018, and where the policy is either:

    1. a regular premium policy with a minimum annual premium of SGD/USD 3,000; or
  1. an Heirloom, or a Signature Series single premium policy

You must be at least 18 years at policy inception, and you also have to ensure that you were the primary life assured of the policy when the policy first commenced. Your phone number must also be provided when the policy was purchased!

Step 2: You will then receive an SMS with a unique MOVE key 3 weeks after the purchase of the policy.

Step 3: Download the MOVE app and activate your MOVE membership with your MOVE key.

Step 4: Connect the MOVE app with your steps tracking device (either Android or iOS). This includes your favourite Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Misfit fitness trackers! For those without wearables, they can connect the MOVE app with other apps such as Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

If you’re beginning to stress out over how to hit that 10,000 average daily steps, there’s no reason to fret just yet. We are not always able to reach our goals, but if the effort is put in, you would get close to it. Hence, ManulifeMOVE also has tiers for 7,000 average daily steps, which makes you eligible to receive $25 in premium cash back every 6 months. Check out the video below for an overview!

Yup, there’s one more thing, I’m sure you noticed near the end of the video!

Up till 31st July 2018, ManulifeMOVE is giving everyone an opportunity to purchase an Apple Watch 3 and earn the cost back over a year, simply by getting those lower limbs to work through the ManulifeMOVE Earn-Your-Watch (EYW) Programme.

Just achieve the weekly goal of closing all 3 activity rings on your Apple Watch at least 4 times a week, as well as walking 10,000 steps daily on average that week, and voila. $10 will be credited to you for every single week you achieve that weekly goal! This means that in just a little over a year, your Apple Watch will be fully paid off. Sweet!

ManulifeMOVE has given us the ability to kill many birds with a stone, simply by staying consistently active. Certainly, a no-brainer if you want to put that new year resolution into practice.

For more information on ManulifeMOVE, click here; or for the Earn-Your-Watch Programme, click here!

Photos courtesy of Manulife Singapore.

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