Get “Lost” To Heal & Stay Brave With Maria Muller

Entering the pop genre for the first time, Maria Muller, a 57-year-old classically trained contemporary singer brings forth her reworked pop version of the newly titled track “Lost” to welcome 2018!

Originally titled “Lost In Your World”, Muller explained that she wanted her message to be clear: “Many of us have gone through a time when we needed the strength to choose ourselves over a love that made us lose sight of who we are. For those who have gone through it, I hope the song allows your heart to heal and keep your resolve to stay brave.”

Currently based in the United Kingdom, the 57-year-old Philippine-born Swiss citizen started her music journey when she risked it all, by selling all her possessions and travel to Europe to train as a classical singer. She was successfully accepted on the merit of voice – with the wavier of age limit, as she was 42, at the time – into the Conservatory of Chisinau in the Republic of Moldova.

From then on, Muller lived the life of an urban gypsy, continuing her adventures in London, New York, and Barcelona. Before finally setting up camp at Greystoke Studios in London, and undergoing a series of vocal coaching to enhance her singing technique to adapt to pop.

“I’ve started my career as a recording artist with a more folk/new world sound, which was a good representation of who I was as a songwriter at the point of time. Having the record Photographs & Faces out was a feeling of both elation and trepidation – elation because Warner Music Singapore licensed the album; trepidation comes when the work is presented to the audience. One sits in anticipation of how the work is received. So it’s like champagne and a double espresso at the same time,” explains Muller of her musical journey. “Now I want to explore other possibilities. I bring myself to the music and as I develop, the music changes with me.”

Her TV presenter daughter, Nikki Muller, even gave her mother a shoutout for her new single “Lost” – a product of Muller choosing to make that uprooting life-changing decision, few of us would dare to take, and for succeeding in it.

It is no easy feat transiting from classical singing to pop style, but Muller learned fast about the rhythm and style needed to expand into the world of pop. “At the heart of it, the most important part of an artist’s job is to tell a story with a beat that will capture one’s attention,” says Muller, in resolution.

Being a gypsy traveler and always supportive of multiculturalism, Muller is now looking to release a music video for “Lost” within the next few months, shot in the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset. “The video will show more images of the story of the song than of me the singer,” says Muller. “I am hoping that this approach gives everyone the chance to hear the story and not just see the singer. As a songwriter, the story is of utmost importance to me.”

“Lost” is available on all digital platforms here, or take a listen to it on Spotify below!

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