Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2016: Experience The French Connection

This is the third of three listings on “Voilah! 2016”. This piece features the gastronomical highlights of the seven-week festival, which will see events exploring French Visual and Performing Arts, Food, Film, Science, and Culture.

Just in case you were thinking all this was too atas for you, watch out as “Voilah! 2016” comes to the heartlands, your classrooms and our bars and clubs. The French Connection is both a feast for the senses as well as a query to the mind. As the spirit of the French region of Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes is invoked and the challenges of sustainable urbanism and development are expressed and discussed, watch the largest climate meeting that was held in Paris only recently, COP21, be applied to a local context.

The French Connection

Urban Fork Exhibition

French-Singapore architectural collaboration at Voilah! 2016

By Philippe Diversy and Bob Lee

5 May – 31 May, The Projector

Join the French-Singaporean collaboration that explores the architectural heritage of Singaporean buildings going all the way back to the 60’s.

Concrete Night with François X

François X

23 April, 10PM, Club Kyo

Experience the emerging techno movement from one of the most established Parisian DJs, producers, and label owners for a night of beat and Franco-tones.

Guitar Recital with Thibault Cauvin

Thibault Cauvin


Cauvin, who has been one of the most in-demand soloists of our age and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Tchaikovsky Hall, Wigmore Hall, and many others will now grace Singapore with his eclectic musical lines.

Musical Meetups with the Baudoin Bros

Baudoin Bros

18 May – 28 May, HDB Decks, Public Spaces, Schools, Asian Civilisation Museum

Experience Gascony’s tradition and language through Roman and Matéu Baudoin’s interpretations on traditional instrumental and vocal techniques.

In Singapore, they will entertain and share their music in public spaces and during Voilah! special events.

Laïcité and Integration

18 April, 9AM, MUIS Academy

Co-organised by NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (Sciences-Po).

French Science Journey

French Science Journey at Voilah! 2016

15 April – 31 May,Various Locations

If you’re a student you may get the opportunity to get up close and personal with French research entities in Singapore such as Thales Group, Airbus, IPAL, Majulab, and more.

Stress and Conflict Management Self Defence Seminar

French Street Boxing at Voilah! 2016

7 May – 8 May, Kallang

Ding Zhao Xia has invited Robert Pautrel to Singapore, a former police operator with the French Police Special Force, to give a seminar on stress and conflict management as well as introduce Boxe de Rue, French street boxing.

Intercultural Dialogue and Islamisation by Olivier Roy

29 April, Embassy of France

By Registration Only

Heritage and Sustainable Urbanism with Didier Repellin and Alfred Peter

5 May – 7 May,Urban Redevelopment Authority and National Museum of Singapore

A symposium to review and share the experience of France, Singapore, and the region in the field of urban heritage.

“Voilah! 2016” isn’t to be missed, come and get your French fix.

For more information, visit www.voilah.sg!

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