What Is The Meaning Of Life?

“welcome to the life vertical… we really just lie in hammocks all day long with an occasional pluck at a ukulele that’s always, somehow, nearby”

The Life vertical is all about making the most of every single moment. It’s difficult to fully define what this vertical covers, but it encompasses everything that makes life enjoyable – anything that shines a light on your day belongs right here in Life.

This means we’ll cover a little bit of food, a little bit of literature, a little bit of everyday fashion, a little bit of shopping, a little bit of love, which all comes together to form a rather sizable… lump, but a cuddly mass nonetheless.

Stick with us here in the Life section of DANAMIC and together, we can look at life in Singapore in a whole new way.

P.S. We won’t sound like hippies all the damn time, really


Header Image: Flickr (Creative Commons)



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