The Very “Atas” Arts Vertical Welcomes You Without Any Snobbishness

“please do not touch the exhibits”

Hi there! You can leave all your preconceived judgements about the arts and its colourful cast of characters at the door because the Arts vertical at DANAMIC hereby invites you to experience the creative world like never before.

Contrary to uninitiated belief, the Arts exceeds the scope of visual art. To the best of our ability, the Arts vertical is entrenched in the egalitarian belief that all forms of art are born equal, and should be represented likewise.

Expect an inspired array of art forms across various backgrounds and strata: from Gillman Barracks to Aliwal Arts Centre or from the Singapore Biennale to an accessible roadshow in the heartlands, art is everywhere and we don’t judge.

Besides, we really have to do our best in supporting the local scene. Come join us on our crusade?


Header Image: Wikipedia (Creative Commons)



Brought to you by The DANAMIC Editorial Team!

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